About Me

Hi, name's Taylor- also known as the Bloggergirl & welcome to Magic and Pasta!

I'm a wife and mama (mommy blogger) in the DFW, Texas area.

I'm married to the love of my life- a guy I refer to around  here as, E. Yes, he has a real name, but in the interest of protecting the sometimes innocent (LOL), I just stick with "E". He is my favorite introvert in the whole wide world!...

The Boys, who makes me the mama in this mommy blog, is a padawan named, Jacob and a youngling named, Luke. Jacob is my buddy, my Disney Junior-lover & mini-me (I don't care if he's a boy.) Luke's my little early-bird! He decided to arrive almost 4 weeks before his due date... and I have a feeling he's going to keep up the trend of doing things his way!

I love crafting and cooking for my people. Okay, the crafting part is mainly for me! I love, love to decorate for the seasons and holidays. I've been a wee bit addicted to the Pinterest in the last year or so! I love making decorative wall art! I've even sold a few pieces! My dream, other than going back to Disney World, is buying a house next year & making some of the furniture pieces for it myself.

The first blog I ever posted in was not a mommy-blog. Far from it! From single girl in my mid-20's to married gal & mommy in my NOT so much mid-20's, it's been quite the ride and the journey! I'm so excited to start a new journey here!

I blog about food, family, life, places we've been and places I wanna go. And yes, sometimes life is all about a little Magic & Pasta- living life one date night, one play date & one recipe at a time!

Yes, this is a PR friendly blog!
Feel free to contact me!

I'm on Twitter, Facebook & email @ bloggergirl27@hotmail.com!

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