Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Love Wednesday

Hey, I remembered!

1) That I found a Jacob approved costume just in-time for the Fall Festival tonight! Whoo-hoo! (And, he's wearing it for the Storybook Parade at his school next week & for tricks or treats on Halloween!) The boy wanted to be Mickey.... badly. But, alas- there was no Mickey costume to be found.

2) We're like 4 weeks into Ounce Upon a Time & every episode has been freaking awesome! Are you watching this? Seriously! Totally my favorite show. Not even kidding. I may even love it more than The Big Bang Theory.

3) Hey, The Big Bang Theory is back!

4) There's like less than 60 days until our Disney World vacation. Can. Not. Wait.

5) I'm writing again. Really. Is there anything that I need to say?

6) I went to the eye doctor today. Two words. New. Contacts. Hey, that may seem like a small thing, but if you've been out of fresh contacts for a while..... yeah. It's awesome.

7) The book, 'Side Jobs', by Jim Butcher. If you don't know who Jim Butcher is.... I'm sorry. You should. Get to a book store. Go to the sci-fi section, look for the book, 'Storm Front'.... Start there. You're welcome.

8) I went to The State Fair of Texas twice this year..... that's an awesomeness that cannot be truly expressed. I love the Fair. Totally. (I did not love that our beloved Big Tex was lost on this his 60th year with us. That was horrible.) A Fair post is coming people. It's coming. If you've never been to the Fair. You should. Really.

9) Fried S'mores.... please see #8

10) 2 Fletchers Original Corny Dogs.... again please see #8

What about you? What do you love this Wednesday?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It's rarely, if ever ,truly quiet around me. There is almost always something on. And loud. And requiring my attention. For most of my life, that's how I liked it. I craved the noise to drown out the silence. To drown out the sounds of my own breath. The thud of my heart. I've spent a lifetime rarely content to just. Be.

As I've gotten older, I think I've come to reach out for the silent... to greedily grasp it in the hands & hold on to it as tightly as I can. To sit. With the chaos of life beat down to a whisper. To breath. And hear the breaths go in and out. Reminding me that I am HERE. That for this moment in time, I can simply exist in this space and time.

And it reminds me of how much I rush over, skip over & flat out ignore when the noise gets too loud...

Like when I don't open my Bible for a week.
....~and yet, somehow, expect to be able to tune into Christ nonetheless

Like when I don't stop & talk to God.
....~ but somehow expect that things will go the right way anyway.

Like when I don't both to cease my striving & LISTEN to God.
....~ but yet, amazingly, believe that I can know His Heart & His Will.

I like the silence.

Monday, October 08, 2012


So, I had great plans to commit to Lisa-Jo's Blog month thingy... and, well. You see.... not so much.


I'm trying to work through my own story, I suppose. Work out just how much is wise to through out into the wide world of the New Fangled Information Super Hwy....

I have a love/hate relationship with the Blog world. At times, I LONG to be able to just vomit my thoughts and feelings out there and just let it out- for the whole world to see. But. Some of the people whom I (might) went about read this blog. There are thoughts that I could care less if total strangers are privy to..... but some family and friends??? No.

But, even more than that.... I do want to be wise with my written word. (I think past evidence can back me up that I'm not always super great with the being wise with the spoken word.... and oh, how I know the damage THAT can inflict.) And, once the words are sent through the computer. It's there. Forever. Words that will never be deleted or scrubbed away. .....

And. That makes me pause.

And to think about my posts. (sometimes too much)

I mentioned in another post that there have been some thoughts swirling around in my brain. They are coming. And... they are just that. Thoughts of mine. I'm not saying they are right or wrong. Up or down. Black or white. But, long sessions dwelling on the church in America, adoption, American culture at large, American culture in the church.... blessing, trials. A strange little mishmash.

We shall see where they take me.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

We Went to Granbury

And of course, came back. :-)

Just a real quick, over night trip to take some pictures of the 4 year old..... (these aren't 'the' pictures)

Funny story? I forgot Jacob's pants at home. Ugh. For all my planning and packing OCD'ishness... Yeah. Left the child's jeans at home. Insert panic attack and freak out Here.


Thankfully there was a pair of pants in his grandmother's car that she had bought of him but Was going to take back to the store.... Guess what pants are now in the pictures?

Anyway. Happy weekend! Here in north Texas we are getting a burst of Glorious Fall weather & I'm enjoying like crazy. Hope the weather around you, dear Reader, rocks!

Oh, how he loved the hotel bed.

He had the best time. It was just like a grand adventure to him.

Me and my BabyLove. :-)

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