Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Rough Riders Game

So, Darcy and I went to the Rough Riders game with a couple of our friends. Thought I would post a picture. Hope all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Catching Up

Well, the show has come to an end... and I must admit that I'm conflicted! I LOVED being a part of a show once more, but I'm happy to be done! Horseshoe (as it has come to be known by the participants) was wonderfully fun & I admit that it has rekindled the love I have for live theater.

But trust me when I say that I'm happy to have a life again... and I'm quite sure my nearest and dearest are too! I must say that I was very pleased to be performing along side some amazingly talented thespians. Some of us have been acting for a long time. However, there were some newbies to the stage and it was a privilege to share the stage with them all. By the by, my friend, Ross Hughes (Sheriff Slidell) will next be appearing at the Richardson Theater Center in an show. If you get a chance, go see him. He is such a brilliant actor & a great guy... He introduced me to the wonders of Indian cuisine and Bollywood Video!

Now that school is over for a month or so, I have the time to catch up on some reading that has been on the backburner for a while.

I'm reading:
'Job; A Man of Heroic Endurance' by Charles Swindoll. This is from his series of book, Profiles in Character. I strongly encourage reading this whole series. They are truly incredible! I have been so blessed by them over the past year. My favorite, hands down, was Esther. But, that's my favorite book of the Bible!

'Tortured For Christ' by the late Pastor Richard Wurmbrand. Because of his passion for sharing the Gospel with lost Russians, he spent 14 years in Communist prisons. I recently got the 30th Anniversary Edition from VOM. I'm just 20 pages or so into it, but I strongly recommend this book and the VOM website for those whose hearts are bent to those who suffer for the Cross.

'Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown... Oy, okay, so I read the DaVinci Code about a month ago. Eesh, and while I enjoyed it.... it's one of the biggest works of fiction I ever read... You know, I just might blog about it soon. Anyway, I'm reading the prequel to the DaVinci Code. It's a lot harder to get through because of two reasons... 1) It's very science oriented. It leans heavily on scientific thought and jargon & 2) Mr. Brown's blazing hatred for the Catholic Church leaps from every single page. I mean, this book is dripping with it.

I think trying to read 3 books at a time is more than enough! Ahh... how I love to read! I'm thinking of creating a sister site to this one and have it strictly be books that I recommend... I have read so many books and would love to see more people read them too. Hmmm....

Anyway, hope all are doing well! The next 2 weeks are going to be busy.... again. Anyone sensing a theme here?!

Until next time!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A long time in posting.....

Oy vey!

That's all I have to say about the past 2 weeks or so!

I guess I had forgotten how much work goes into being in a play! I am exhausted! Last week was Tech Week.... or Hell Week as it is more commonly known in the theater world. That was in the midst of finals (which I think I did pretty well on those, btw)... and all of that was followed by 4 performances.

On a side note- I seem to be incapable of being in a WOM show without hurting myself in some shape form or fashion. At the 2:30 show on Saturday, I was waiting for my cue when I turned to one of my fellow performers and made the comment that something was wrong with my shoes. Then I (for some reason) made my entrance at roughly MACH 10. I bounced right off one of my poor fellow actors as my ankle turned right from under me. Fortunately, David caught me or I would have been on the floor. When I got off stage, I untied my shoes and started to take them off, but quickly put them back on when my ankle started to swell. By the the time the show was over, I was hurting.... badly. I didn't even make it all the way back to the dressing rooms after curtain call. Happily, one of my white knights, Ross helped me the rest of the way & went and got lunch for me and sat with me, PoD and Stacie for a while.

I iced my ankle for a couple of hours because we had another show at 8pm.... My ankle got wrapped and I went on because the show must go on....yeah..... crazy. When I got home Saturday night, I undid the wrapping and took a look at my ankle. I was very fortunate to have put ice on it when I did, so it wasn't very swollen, HOWEVER, there was a cut on the back of my ankle.

Yes, that's right, my shoe cut me. That's why it was hurting like it was.

Anyway, Sunday, my family and Darcy's parents came to the show. It was so exciting to have everyone there. Also, the family whose kids I watch came too- the girls brought me flowers & I took them on tour of the backstage area. They were thrilled.

After the show was over, my parents, his parents, Darcy and I went out to dinner. It was very cool & the food was wonderful. It was the first time our parents had met, so it was a big event! See below for pics!

Anyway- 4 more performances to go!

Me and Mr. Darcy... I'm still looking awake and okay.....

Mr. Darcy and me with his parents... This is after dinner and I'm starting to look little worn around the edges.

And here we are with my parents... And I think I was ready to fall over at this point...

I still need a day to sleep- however, that's not very realistic. Oh well, I better get back to my laundry. It was overflowing the basket! I was running out of clothes!!!!