Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Round a Bouts

Well, it's been a week since I first went to the chiropractor.

And let me tell you, I feel about 90% better. How cool is that?! Doctor Keith said that I was like 90% better. He was very happy with where I am and so am I. I'm sleeping better- that's huge to me. The last couple of nights, I've been falling asleep at a normal time and have slept THE ENTIRE NIGHT! That hasn't happened in years. I usually wake up several times in the night and have to shift around because something hurts. That hasn't happened for a couple nights. I am (as with anything) cautiously optimistic.

In other news, the new Superman movie comes out tomorrow. Anyone else excited? YIPPPEE! PoD went to a sneak peak last night I believe. Still waiting on his opinion!

I did see XMen 3 a couple of weeks ago. I liked it. I was quite surprised how much I liked it. It's a good movie, not a great movie, but a good one. It was just too short to tell the 2 stories that it was trying to tell. It really needed another 30 minutes or so. There's one particular moment that would have benifited from the additional time- The XMEN have to make a terrible choice... it's something that must be done, but it goes against everything they have stood for. I wish there had been more build-up to that moment... My one complaint was that my all-time fav character (even before the actor was cast... that just made that character more whoohoo to me) seemingly takes a dirt nap. In that regard... the Elfin Princess is right. You must stay throught the end credits!

Also, saw Cars with my little WeeOnes. I highly recomend this Pixar movie. It's hilarious! Loved it! There's enough "big people humor" for adults, but that stuff flies right over the heads of your WeeOnes, to keep the adults laughing right along with the kids. Particularly great is the legendary Paul Newman. He's just the height of cool.

Not too long ago, I saw MI 3.... Now... those of you who know me well, know what a fan I am of the tv series. I HATED the first Mission Impossible movie with a firey passion in my heart. The reason... they turned the all-time good guy into the bad guy. A gross miscaraige of movie justice if I have ever seen one! AWFUL! AWFUL! AWFUL! Also, I'm not Tom Cruise's biggest fan, never have been and never will be. I didn't (and won't see) MI2. But, I broke down and went to see MI3 with the Browncoats. And... I kinda liked it. It wasn't the Tom Cruise show, which I liked. All the players got excellent pops & it was more of a team show... which is what it should be. As with anything with the Mission Impossible moniker on it, one must be willing to suspend their disbelief to watch... and the movie had me.... UNTIL.... Oy vey.... until the very end. Let's just say it had to do with Tommy Boy and reanimation.... it was one of the most startling moments of unintentional funny that I have ever seen. Half of the audience joined me in laughing out loud.

Movies that are on my To Be Seen list:
The DaVinci Code (waiting on Darcy to finish the book)
Over the Hedge
A Praire Home Companion
Superman Returns
The Devil Wears Prada

Until next time!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I Am Not A Klutz!

Okay.... well, maybe not the hopeless klutz that everyone (myself included) thought me to be.

Let me start at the very beginning (a very good place to start... :-)

I have had chronic pain in my back, shoulders, neck... knees, feet, etc for years.... YEARS.... as in at least 10.

My knees pop in and out of their sockets causing intense pain. Bad. Bad. Bad. I'm also very prone to twist and sprain my ankle for no apparent reason, ie: not doing anything excessive that might cause the injury, just walking. (Anyone remember what I did during a performance of Horseshoe?!) I tend to trip a lot, my feet just kinda roll out from under me.

Last week I was having some back pain and, for the 2nd time in a few months, I couldn't even breath without intense pain... the kind of pain that would give an aspirin a heachache. I was in tears- and as most know, I've lived with chronic pain for so many years that I have developed a fairly high pain tolerance in that regard... had to or spend my life doped up on pain killers every day of my life. And that's not an acceptable way of life for me.

Anywhoo- Mom and Auntie Charlotte decided that I needed to go see Auntie's chiropractor. I originally went in for my back, but he took on look at my feet and the way I was walking and standing and asked me if I had had foot problems as a child... Why, yes... yes I did. My mother has often told the story about how I couldn't even make it across the parking lot at 6 Flags to the gate without crying that my feet were hurting. (I should mention that I am extremely flat-footed... as in no arch) He asked if I was prone to foot related accidents... ie: twists and sprains on my ankles.... again, my answer was yes.

At this point I was wondering if he'd met me before....

Dr. Keith diagnosed me with feet pronation. He said it was fairly common. But he said that I have an extreme case of- excessive feet pronation. This has caused tibeal torsion in both of my legs.... which has led to condro-malicia patela in both of my knees.... Yes, kids, that's right I have a bad case of runner's knee in both my knees (and I'm not even a runner)!


What this boils down to is that he's having me wear a certain knee brace on my right knee for 2 weeks... then the left for 2 weeks... and then the right for 2 weeks... and then the left for 2 weeks. This is to help with the pain by giving the knee support and to help retrain the patela to go over the joint properly.

Then, of course, there's the issue of my feet. He wants me to be fitted with orthopedic shoes to retrain my feet to walk and stand properly. Fun, huh? But, as he said, I can take care of it now... or I can continue to damage my knees and pay for it later. And to help my knees with any long term care, the foot problem has to be addressed and corrected. ::sigh::

Also- he said that a couple of ribs had become dislocated and displaced... yes, that should hurt just reading it... And it hurts living with it. I believe he called it rib segment disfunction... or something like that. I'm really bad with terms. Anyway, he's working on fixing that.

The good news (after reading through this laundry list) is that all of this is fixable! I can't tell you how excited I am at the prospect of not having chronic pain as my daily companion. I have lived with this mess for years and its come close to disrupting my life many times. But I am so thankful that the Lord has answered my prayers and provided a way for this to be corrected. I have learned how to "gut through" many things because of the crucibles that my Heavenly Father has allowed.

And I think that probably sounded really bad... It's not meant to. I think that God lets us go through suffering to grow us... because it's the only way we will learn to go to Him with our struggles...

It's a daily struggle that I have to renew my commitment every single day to rely on Him. He holds time in His hands... There is nothing that surprises Him and everything fits into His plan in some shape, form or fashion.

But I must confess that sometimes.... waiting for relief is soooo hard. Heartbreaking, really. It makes you take a second look at things in your life. It makes you take a second look at your character... the aspects about you that, once held up in a mirror, make you cringe.

I guess you could say that I am going through a season of introspection right now... and stretching.... oh the stretching... its' making me sore! :-) But there's something to being brought to what you think it the absolute limit of yourself... and then finding that you've past that limit without your notice... and that you're still here... you're still relying on God because He has given you the strength and patience to... not just survive or weather the storm... but blossom in the aftermath.

Our Father requires our obedience... and that obedience is sometimes hard to give. But He is so faithful to us. And He loves us SO MUCH!

He proved that 2,000 years or so ago by sending his son to be a sacrifice on a cross... to reconcile us to Him.

And speaking of Jesus... He loved us so much that He couldn't stand the thought of spending eternity without us... so He died for us.

Amazing Love, huh?

Friday, June 09, 2006

This and That...

Hello to all out in the great big 'verse!

I have a ton of pictures from the recent Galveston Trip to post! And I'll post them very soon. For those who are wondering, we had a wonderful time... though I did get car sick in the mule on the way... ::sigh:: fortunately, I remembered to buy the happy Dramamine before we left. NOTE: Just because something says on the label that it won't cause you to get as drowsy doesn't really mean that you won't get sleepy in the vehicle & sleep almost the entire drive!

I'm hoping to get the book review site up and running before the weekend ends... we shall see. The categories thus far:
Christian fiction
Women's studies
General Christian writings
Christian biographies
Christian classics

Not all these categories will have immediate listings, but I'll work up to it! :-) We shall see how much I can get done before my summer school session starts back in July. Oh, for those who didn't know- I decided that my mother and Mr. Darcy are right... I was born to be involved in the live theater. I am going to get my B.A. in theater from Texas Women's University- there is a catch, though. I can't start there until Jan 2007. ::BIG sigh:: Oh, well. I'm excited!

Anyway- that's all for now. Hope everyone had a wonderful week! It's Friday! Party!!!!!!!
Until next time!