Friday, September 21, 2012

5 Minute Friday. Wide.

Five Minute Friday

Yup. So. It's 5 Minute Friday..... The Prompt is "Wide".... Here We Go....

I think I'm so often frozen by the gulf that is 'I'm so far from where I thought I would be by now'. I'm no where even close. I'm divorced. I have a kid. No job. I live with my parents & my grandmother. And I never thought that would be me.

But. I wonder what's keeping me from writing the words I want to write. Following the dreams that are bubbling up within me. That gulf of fear. Oh, she's wide. Wondering what others will think. I freeze at the thought of the disaproval of some people. (I wish I could be less of that person.)

I know that God has me. I know.

And I have been blessed beyond my thoughts- my son. Is Amazing. And. I have a relationship with a really wonderful man. (I could write for an hour or 2 about those 2.) And a family that does love me.

Perhaps the next step is to just take it. Go for it. Maybe I should just jump.

We'll see.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I Love Wednesday

So, I kinda dropped the ball on this one. Whoops. And, I will say, in my defense... it's been that kinda week/summer. Lot's of stuff going on in my world. Lot's of stuff going on in my heart. Still trying to sort it all out into some kind of cogent pattern I hope I can share with yall. I've seen God's finger prints time and again over the stained glass of my heart & life.... and this season is no different. It's simply... different.


Here's a short, What I Love Wednesday. Enjoy. And remember to look around and truly see the things in your life that you truly love- be they big or small.

1) Late Night Dance Parties. (aka: watching my boy find his groove & his soul)

2) A "Peet-stop" (if you've seen Cars. You know you what I'm talking about)

3) When my son says he wants me to take a picture of him making a silly face. :-) Any time.

4) These 2.

5) 3 Generations of Steeler Nation. Oh, the Pride. That's my Daddy, Jacob & me.

6) There are still a few more years when my son still likes and wants to take pictures with his mommy. And hanging with his mommy is one of his favorite things to do in this world.

Happy Wednesday! 

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So, I Made Lunch One Day

Every once in a great while, I like to exercise my cooking skills around lunch time. Usually around the same time I'm thinking about trying out a new recipe & I'm having doubts or questions about it. What better time, than lunch time? When it's usually just me & the wingman around to flex the culinary muscles?

I thought so.

Behold, today ... I give you a lunch time recipe. In pictures.

This first step is Important. Go to the store. Get a 6-pack of Zevia Natural Sodas. Go! Go, now! They are super yummy. And, no. I haven't been asked to say that. I just really love them. This pretty pink can is filled with tasty Strawberry (!).

Anyway. On with the show- or lunch. Whatever.

I had a recipe that I found. Somewhere. I had most of the ingredients. (yeah, whoops. always check your recipe Before you start cooking, kids!) But I had a few ideas to tweak it, so to speak.

Chop some onion. I used what I had leftover in the FridgAdair. That would be 3/4 of a white onion & about 1/4 of a purple.

Heat up a nice, large skillet with some olive oil. (net time, though, I'm thinking of chopping up some Bacon & then adding the onion once the bacon cooks up. Everything is better with bacon.) Add some garlic. How much? Hmmm.... I used one of my regular old spoons I set the table with with- one scoop. (I'm so precise.)

While the onions & garlic are cooking (and the garlic is hopefully not burning!) chop up one zucchini. Really. I just used one. I thought I might need more than that. Nope. Just one.

Throw it in the pan. And if a short one who's seen "Ratatouille" one too many times comes wandering into the kitchen begging to be a cooker like Remy & "Please, Mommy! I want to help!" I say, hold the pan and left him stir.... and, you know. Take a picture.

Keep stirring.
Let the zucchini get nice and browned and tender and yummy.

Throw in some frozen corn. (Because the 4 year old will usually eat anything with corn.)

Drain a can of beans and dump the beans in. I used red kidney beans, but I think just about any kind of bean would work. Pick one you like.

Next, open a can of diced tomatoes and pour the whole can in. Stir, please.

Add some water and bring to a simmer. Now. Add some spices. I went with some basil, oregano, bay, thyme... you know, my spice palate love language. But I say, play around. Here's where this dish can be spun around to taste Mexican-y. Or whatever you're feeling like. The point is, just add whatever you want to flavor the dish. Here.

Then let it cook for about 10 minutes or so.

Add a cup of rice. Turn the heat down and let the rice soak up all the liquid. It will. I promise.

When it's done, it looks like this. Check your seasoning. (I added just a pinch of salt and pepper after it was all said and done.)

Oh, and then it looks like this on you're plate. Because you added some cheese. :-)

I liked this one. And even the Oh-so-too-picky-for-his-own-good little Mister liked it too.

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Friday, September 07, 2012

The First Day of Pre-School

Yesterday was the short one's first (real) day of pre-school. Sigh. My baby is a 4 year old. A child. He has his own sassy opinions. He can dress himself. Brush his teeth. Walk to and from the car & everywhere else (except when he decides that his legs or feet are broken & he cannot possibly walk another step, because 'Oh, the humanity! It's just too hard! Someone pick me up and carry me!')

So, yes. He started real-live, honest to goodness pre-school yesterday.

And yes, I made him stand in front of the front door with the '1st day of pre-school' sign. Oh, yes I did.

But, all he was really concerned about was his new 'pack-pack.' He's been asking me every. single. day. If today was the day that he would be allowed to wear it. He was thrilled when I told him yesterday morning that It Was the Day.

Who is this little kid? And where did my little baby boy go???

And, of course. A picture with his new teacher, Mrs. R.

I asked her how he did when I picked him up after school.
"Umm, well. He had some problems following directions." (poor lady. I think she thought I was going to get mad at her for saying that.)

(I laughed... to myself. Not out loud. That might be rude.) "Yeah, I kinda thought so. Just keep on him."

I feel a little badly for his teacher. She seems sweet and very lovely. And, I have a feeling that my little ray of sunshine is going to drive her crazy. Hopefully, she'll get his number quickly. (crosses fingers)
He's an interesting little guy, my off-spring. He's funny and outgoing as all get out. He's sweet as sugar. But. He's also strong willed as all get out. And stubborn as a mule. And on a mission in life (thus far) to rule. And, if he even so much as *thinks* that he can gain control. You're toast. Oh, and that independent streak that's about a mile wide? That will serve him quite well one day. But today? It's all about taming & civilizing the little whirling ball of boy.

I love that kid.
And, I'm crazy proud of him. And to be the one person in this world he calls, "Mommy."

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