Wednesday, January 27, 2010

THE 300th POST!

Well, my goodness. What an occasion. And I really don't have anything very special to mark this date with. Sorry. :-)

Caprica is still sitting on my dvr. I know. I know. I'm just hoping I carve out the 2 hours to watch the premier before the next episode airs... you know, on Friday. Eesh. Sprout Tv has been ruling my world right now. What's Sprout? You ask, oh Faithful InterPeeps? It's the preschool channel. All preschool shows. All day. Wowsa.

I have recently had reason to formally state that Chuy's Deluxe Chicken Enchiladas must be in my life forever. Really. They CHANGED my Tex-Mex life. And no, that's not an over-statement in the slightest bit. I must live within driving distance of Chuy's for the rest of my natural and (or) unnatural life.

And that's got me thinking about what other Fine Food Establishments I must be within driving distance in order for my life to make sense. It's a thought to ponder, my friends.

Here's my list-

1)Chik-fil-A *If you've never had the wonderfulness that is the original chicken sandwich with the 2 crucial pickles, you have my sympathies.*

2)Urban Crust Pizza *In Plano, Texas..... Kinda like the greatest pizza you will ever eat in your life. Seriously. Not kidding. LIFE CHANGING*

4)Ajisen *My sushi and miso soup needs are met here in ways that complete my soul.*

5)Fish City Grill *It's good, no it's down right tasty. It's not expensive. Did I mention the tasty?*

and I already declared my undying love of Chuy's.

What about you? Any favorite food places? Any you just can't live without? Or wish you could magically transport closer to you?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Shamless Plug, Stuff, & a Serious Note

Well, Faithful Blog Followers, I only have a few minutes here to pontificate on the meaning of life, tv and treadmills before laundry, a dirty blender, class work & my son coming home start calling my name.

So, here we go.....

Did I mention to yall that I am now on the Board of Directors to a local theatre company? No?! Well, I am! Word of Mouth Productions, would be it's name. And if I may take a moment and tell you a little about the fine theatre group- it's a family safe theatre company. Which means that the shows we produce can be seen by the whole family. It's good clean fun & a great way to introduce the kiddos to the MAGICAL, MAGICAL I say, world of theatre without always having to worry about content. Cause, let's face it, most theatre is not really meant for kids or grandparents. :-)

I love WOMP. I've been in main stage shows, I've stage managed main stage shows and I recently taught a summer workshop for kiddos. LOVE IT!

AND..... if you're looking for something to do in the DFW area Feb 5th or 6th, we're having a fundraiser in Frisco! Hop on over to our website and learn more about it!

Now, after that shameless plug, what else do I have to say.... hmmmm.....

Oh yes, the matter of the telly. I received a couple of excellent suggestions, one of which I can't believe I forgot about. Caprica! And I call myself a BSG groupie... oh, the shame. I've also heard some good buzz about a show on ABC Family, Life Unexpected, or something like that. And Castle (with Captain Malcolm Reynolds... if you don't get it.... feel my pity).

.... You know, if occurs to me that I should that the makers of my pretty, pretty pink precious. Why? You ask. Because I am sitting at the kitchen table where I can blog... or do whatever I care to do on the computer while I am "doing laundry" at the same time! Genius, I say! Thank you, Dell Computers!

For a more serious moment- if yall could take a moment and say some prayers for a couple of sweet little girls who dearly need them.

Abby Riggs- you can follow the button to the right and go visit her & her family. She's been battling a foe that no child should have to wage a war against for quite some time now. She's 5 now & is starting to realize that she's different from the other kids. And she's here recently been having a very hard time. And if you happen to think of any fun, low impact things that a really tired 5 year old would enjoy, please let Abby's mom, Michelle, know.

from Abby's family blog, you can go visit...

Avalon- she's another darling little girl who's had WAY more than seems even in the same sphere on fair foisted upon her. She's in remission, but because of a truly, TRULY GOD AWFUL surgical screw-up this darling girl needs ... a miracle. Avalon's mom is dealing with doctor's who don't seem to want to listen to her when she KNOWS that somethings going on with her kid.... and, as any mom knows, when you KNOW your kid is hurting or in trouble it is just unacceptable to be ignored when you're trying to sound the warning bell.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Little of This. A Bit of That

Not a lot going on to report, this fine Monday. I didn't watch the Golden Globes last night. ::sigh:: In all honesty, I really had no idea what was up for the winning and who had been slighted (probably again) this year. I used to keep up with all that jazz, not s0 much anymore.

On the school front news, I'm plodding through papers. I may lose my mind before this is all over. I happened to have submitted a paper a few moments ago.... (that & the fact that J is sleeping right now allow me to hop on the bloggy and update all 5 of you). If I've said it once, I've said it many, many times- I sooo should have gotten this mess done in my early 20's when I had way less responsibility wise. I'm rather sure that will be my mantra for the rest of my life. Did I mention that as soon as I get my undergrad done &, you know, GET A JOB, I'm going to belly-flop into my Masters? No? Well, I am. Wheeeee!

On a totally different note- are there any good television shows? I ask cause with BSG gone, the Sanctuary season finale (which I didn't really love) this past Friday & new Army Wives not till April, I'm at a loss in the tv world. Though, I suppose that's not a bad thing. But, what are you watching? Anything to recommend to a woman who watches wayyyyyy to much of Bob and Larry sometimes?

Whoops, I hear my little human alarm clock sounding from the other room! Till tomorrow (hopefully), please enjoy the following picture montage. I call it.....

Entertaining and Corralling a Toddler in an Airport When He's Bored & the Plane is (Very) Late

Happily, I can report to you that everyone got on the plane, fairly happy and content & had a great ride home..... In other words, J had a bottle upon seating and fell asleep until about 20 or 30 minutes to landing. Ahhh, Serenity.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Because some pictures are worth a thousand words....

Friday, January 08, 2010

In Which I Really Do Bleed Orange....

With the daylight comes the sad, sad period of mourning.

Yeah, we lost. Our sweet, valiant Colt McCoy was taken out in the opening drive (I believe I heard a collective "NO!!!!" from Texas fans everywhere.) &, bless him, but the 2nd string QB just couldn't pull it off. He tried & he tried hard. And darn it if he didn't show a lot of promise, but the kid's a freshman & this was the championship. Do the math.


But I'm proud. They didn't lie down and just let the Tide roll right over them without a fight. They kept fighting & McCoy came out to rally the troops once everyone realized that the kid wasn't coming back. Oh, what a blow that was.

And let me say, for a moment, to all the people who have been so terribly mean-spirited about Colt McCoy's injury- get a grip on yourself! My goodness. I logged on to facebook and saw a couple of comments on how the kid should have "been a man" and gone out there & played.

Umm... people? He couldn't feel his arm.

And can we not ask him to risk his entire future just so we can we a ball game? Yes, we wanted to win. Badly. But not at the cost of a young man getting hurt- really badly. Let's learn some class here, people.

(And I won't even address the comments on the injury somehow being Karma for Sam Bradford.... cause, if I recall- he RE INJURED a shoulder, playing in a game that he NEVER should have been playing in. But, wouldn't that kinda be his own coach's fault & not.... you know, UT's.... but, I digress.)

Anyway, Longhorns- you should be proud of your team. We had a GREAT season! We had a crew of players who worked hard and gave it everything they had. They did us proud. And yeah, they lost. Oh well.

And if anyone but a BAMA fan gives you crap, just turn around and utter this question.....

"Oh, I'm sorry. And how far did your team get?"


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Because it's the Special Day

Hook 'Em Horns!

that is all...


Is there anything else to say? Really?


Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Book Review

I know!

The first one of 2010.

Julie & Julia my year of cooking Dangerously
by Julie Powell

Ok. I got this one for Christmas. Actually, I received the movie as well. (Sweet!) I toted it up to Wheeling with me over the week long trip between Christmas and January 2nd, when we came back. It's 307 pages- it should last me all week.

Yeah, not so much. In between chasing after a 17 month old, visiting family & other such things that one does on a family vacation, I started and completed Julie & Julia in a little under 2 days. You read that correctly.

For those of you who have been living under a rock since the movie with Meryl Streep & Amy Adams came out, Julie & Julia is a memoir written by the lady who blogged her year long adventure through "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" by Mrs. Julia Child. I never read the blog (I know.), but I like Meryl Streep. Yes, I do know that's a truly sideways journey to read a book.


The book. Funny, engaging.... Did I mention that I read it in 2 days?It really is that good. Cons? Possibly a few too many 'f' words thrown around & I really could have done without the twelve thousand evil Republican jabs. If you're a member of the Dark Side- oh, I mean a Democrat, you'll get a kick out of them.

If you're a member of the Republican Party, just do what I did. Roll your eyes and then say, "Well, bless your heart, honey. You must not know any better.".....

(Oh, did I just make an evil Democrat joke? Meow.)

With all that aside, I really enjoyed this read. It was light and airy & exactly what I hoped it would be. And I am greatly looking forward to watching my brand spanking new movie tonight!

...... and, might I also say, on a totally different subject......

Monday, January 04, 2010

First for 2010

Another year, another post.

I've returned from may Wheeling adventure, none the worse for wear. Oh, I didn't mention I was going to West Virginia over the Christmas/New Years holiday? That's because I'm paranoid and thought it best not to mention the whole out of state thing, just in case anyone with nefarious intentions was reading my blog and somehow found out where I live.

Anywhoo- I know I've been neglecting the whole reading/reviewing project here in bloggie land, but RL (real life) has been kicking my back end lately. Very, very busy. But, I have been (at least) reading. I've completed a couple more books, including Julie & Julia (read that in 2 days) &, to my eternal shame, 3 of the Twilight books. Lest you think my reading habits have gone totally to pot, let me state that I've been up to my well manicured eyebrows in biology, chemistry, etc for the past 2 months. Fluff does a body good.

And yes, review of all books are coming. Just slowly.

I've made some New Years resolutions this year. Some are personal, some are silly & some are just plain boring. We shall see.

** On a side note, would the nameless author of the comment to my last post mind explaining said comment? The Scripture verse was interesting, but I'm not entirely sure what your meaning is.**

Hoping every one's holiday was lovely & bright and that the new year brings new blessings to you all!

And be sure to tune in Thur night to see my beloved Horns hook the Tide!