Friday, August 24, 2012

He Joins Me

Five Minute Friday

It's 5 Minute Friday. (go Here to get all the intel on just what 5 Minute Friday is all about. And, while you're at it, I highly recommend reading Lisa-Jo's (I call her by her first name, as if I know her personally. Ah, the internet!) blog and then read some of the other blogs that will be linked up.)

This Friday's Prompt: Join


Off and on all through my son's sweet little life, he's been joining me in my bed to sleep at night. Sometimes when he's sick. Sometimes when he's ha a bad dream. Most often, when he's simply gotten up in the middle of the night for no good reason and is wandering the house.

But lately, oh, since he turned the ripe old age of 4- it's changed. He joins me in my bed almost every night he's with me. I don't quite know what's changed or what truly started this new little bedtime ritual of his. But 9 times out of 10 if you're looking for Jacob at bedtime, you'll find him nicely tucked into "his" spot in my bed.

Sometimes we watch the Rangers game. Some times we watch Star Wars.

But, every night. He looks up at me with those bright blue eyes and says, "I like you Mommy." "I like you too, Jacob."

There will be a pause. And usually he'll hug me.
"I love you, Mommy."
"I love you, too"

And I don't mind so much the jumping and kicking and rolling around. And feeling like I'm sleeping with a wildabeast.

Because he's just 4 for now. And he won't want to join me in bed one day (nor should he!). He won't want to join me for much in days that are coming far, far to quickly.

But, for now. He does.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I've Loved Wednesday

So, I've decided to start a new trend around these parts.....

::drumroll please::

What I've Loved Wednesday

..... in which I list out 5 things every (you guessed it!) Wednesday that I've loved. It might be something I've seen around the internet. It might be something I've read or something I'm reading. It might be a story that from my life. Or a picture. There are no rules..... except for the whole, 5 part.

So, without further waiting.........

1) This video.
Call Me Maybe- Steelers Training Camp 2012
I love the Steelers. And, I don't care if I'm 31.... I'm not quite done with Call Me Maybe this summer....

2) Jacob finished his first round of swimming lessons this past Tuesday. He went from not being able to swim AT ALL... to being able to swim like a little fish. I'm really loving that.

And... He got a ribbon. We both really loved that!

3) I managed to get my eyebrows waxed & a manicure this past week. Hey, it's the little things! (my nails are all the same shape & a lovely color of pink= happy me)

4) I think.... think.... maybe... just maybe. I've decided on a new preschool for Jacob. Don't quote me on that. But maybe.

5) Arnold Palmers..... the drink. Not the golfer. Not to say that the gentleman isn't a lovely man, I've never met him! I just really, really love the tasty, tasty, magical combination of ice tea & lemonade! It has been my summertime go-to drink. (and I really love that I can go thru pretty much any fast food joint and they will make it for me!)
Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

In Which I Talk About Compassion


I have been going back and forth with myself about writing about Compassion Intl.

I think it might go without saying that I support them. I have a Compassion child. I have links to them here on the blog. I tweet out links and posts on the Twitter. 



I haven't really talked about it.

About the little girl in Ecuador that I'm growing a relationship with through prayer and support. About how it is so worth 'sacrificing' the extra fast food run and Starbucks drive thru... to make sure that I have the support money to send to Compassion for L. And I hate how snarky it could sound putting the word sacrifices in "". But really. when I think about it. I have food at home. I have plenty of my beloved coffee at home. I have a closet FULL of clothes and shoes.

L ... not so much.

Her parents'... not so much. They worry every day about keeping their daughter (and their other children) Alive.

I don't really have that worry with Jacob. I know that I have the means and ability to provide my son's basic needs. Right now.

I can send that $38 a month. And write L letters. And send stickers and paper dolls. And... perhaps, even more importantly, get Jacob involved... get him to "write" letters and to draw her pictures. I can pray for her and her family (and community) every day. I have the power to invest in her life.

I don't have much. But I can do much with what I have. If I'm faithful with it.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pasta night

Tonight was pasta night up here in this crib. And, while I hate to toot my own horn too much... I will in this one case! I make really, really good pasta.

But don't take word on it....

'see my pasta? It's so delicious!'

The pictures don't even cover half the glee and unrestrained passion this boy exhibits for his pasta.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Epic of Fail

Have you ever failed so specifically & so spectacularly that you actually hear what the other person thinks of you? Have you every failed so much that you can hear God telling you how ashamed He is of you?
That as the words come out of your mouth... that you sooo intended to hurt. Oh, yes you did. And, as they found their mark- they were returned.

And. You wanted to vomit.

Because you started to see how very stupid you are. And how much hurt you Are causing?

And... you still want to vomit.

And. You are so ashamed that you resorted to anger & the very most awful words you could possibly fling at the other person.... just because. Just because you couldn't summon your own thoughts & you felt threatened. and. You couldn't be adult enough to say, "You, know .... I need to get my words together. Give me some time."

Dear God.


That would be me and my last hour.

Confession? I suck. I really do.
And ... I really hate myself for the damage that I've caused.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

So Far.... its been the Champ

So. The youngling received a with InnoTab for his 4th birthday this year. Complete with a Cars2 game to go with it. (thank you, Aunt Charlotte & Uncle Butch)

He calls it his "iPAD".... possibly he's spent some time around other people's iPAD's before. :-)

I have to admit. It's pretty cool. (and that's a quote) Jacob LOVES playing on it & the Cars2 plug in game thingy. (Wow, aren't I hi-tech?) He's begging for the Mickey Mouse game & for me to see if there's a Peter Pan or Remy game. I'd say, he loves it.

The only problem is...... getting him OFF the game. :-)

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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

His birthday dinner

Well, we went to Buca di Beppo for Jacob's birthday dinner. He's my little pasta eater- so it was a no brainer. This child can eat triple his weight in pasta. Any pasta.
(though, I do admit he has a certain fondness for spaghetti and meatballs at Buca and *my* own red sauce and rigatoni)

And, we always have good food & a good time at Buca di Beppo. 

I do think that it was a hit.
We branched out a wee bit from the traditional 'red sauced' pastas.
Chicken Carbonara
Penne San Remo

Above: On the top, Jacob giving his approval.
Bottom left: The birthday boy and his Mom-Mom (his grandmother)
Bottom right: Me and 'Mamer' (aka: *my* grandmother Winnie)

I've said it before. I'll say it again. This boy is an Olympic champ at pasta eating. Is that a competitive game? It should be. And I've got the Gold Medal winner right here.

And why, yes! We did have them come out and sing 'Happy Birthday', Buca style to the young lad. I didn't get a video of that.... but I did get pictures of him enjoying his tasty chocolate cake.

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