Saturday, February 26, 2011

If You were Wondering

It should be of note to all that I cannot play pool.

Let me explain. I went to play pool with some friends not all that long ago. Which is a rather charitable description of how I play.
I have a very, very specific m.o. when it comes to playing pool (or any other game I know I don't stand a snow balls chance of winning).... "if you can't beat.... screw with 'em till you break them."

And darned if it doesn't work quite a few times. Heh.

Though, honestly, I do always feel rather sorry for the poor person who gets saddled with me as a pool partner. They should get a handicap. (Oh, wait... they did. Me.)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kinda Like the Black Death

Only we didn't die.

Jacob was struck down from Wednesday night to Monday. Yikes. Fever, deranged coughing fits... snotty nose. Yucky. The poor child is still coughing, though thankfully, not as badly. There for a day or so, I thought I was going to see one of his internal organs on my rug.

And just in time for him to get on the upswing of that mess, the pollen count here in North Texas has started to rocket sky high. Not cool. He seems to be okay for now, but I can only breath out of one side of my nose at any given moment in time.

(btw, it is totally possible that we have killed an entire rain forest in Kleenix within the last week)

I'm hoping the boy will feel like going to school tomorrow & be up to spending the night with his dad tomorrow night. He's missed out on both the last week. He is getting back to his old self- last night, I caught him rummaging in his closet... something he is NOT supposed to be doing, by the way.

I looked at him and said, "What are you doing?"

The child looked at his mother and said, "Who, me?"
....... and batted his sweet little blue eyes.

Friday, February 18, 2011

We're Skipping School Today

but we have a doctors note. And its' not really school- school. It's playschool. But... still.
Jacob has 'special germs' right now. He came home from his dad's house on Wednesday night with a runny nose and a fever.


It only got worse. He went to bed at 9pm, got in a good nap until 11pm and was awake, fever'ish (102.6!) for THE ENTIRE REST OF THE NIGHT. yea. The poor boy felt like poo- or as he says, "boop." His fever finally broke about 4:30(ish)am... and he finally drifted off for another nap about 5am. He popped up at 7:30am. Ugh.

I would like to say that, the good news was, even with all that fever, he never hurled. Though we had one moment of drama. Around 3am, he was laying in my bed... I was drifting in and out. The lights were off.
All of a sudden, he sat straight up in bed, looked at me and said, "Uh-oh, Mommy!"
I sat straight up in bed, knowing... just knowing that my child was about to blow his cookies all over my bed.
But then, after a moment, he looked at me and then laid back down again.
......... I think he was just screwing with me.
It worked.

Needless to say, we went to the doctor.
Severe Upper Respiratory Infection.

And so, we're on house arrest for a couple of days. Lots of fluids. Lots of rest. Lots of Mickey Mouse (the only rodent allowed in my house, by the way). Lots of coffee for the Mommy. Lot's of Tylenol and Motrin. A forest worth of Kleenix. Changing one pair of pajamas for another (the boy, not the mommy. The mommy is getting dressed every day.... otherwise she would feel icky. The boy is happy in his jammies.)

... and so I leave you with a picture from better times. Jacob in better health & the Steelers hasn't blown the SuperBowl yet. Peace out!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines with P-Dub

How I spent my Valentines Day.... an essay in pictures. Kinda. I was going to takes pictures of the lines.... of the peoples, etc. But my feet hurts. And my legs hurt. And I was hungry. And sleepy.

So this is all you get. P.S.- my camera staged a revolt. Yes, the picture quality sucks. I'm aware. Just wait until you scroll to the bottom- the picture of me? Yeah, that really sucks.

Ree Drummond- The Pioneer Woman
She autographed my cookbook. Yes, my cookbook. Why? Cause I'm a super, space cadet like that.

.... and then I had asked her to autograph the other book she wrote. The story of how she met her husband. It's way too cute for words.

Oh look, the covers!

Hey. It was 11pm. That's all I'm sayin'.
I went home and died not long after this picture was taken.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Once More, Unto the Breach

or something like that.

School is back in full force. Please, see my excitement........

(crickets. crickets.)

The tests. Oh, the sheer number of exams that await me.

There is much to do & even less time to do it in. I foresee not a whole lot of sleep in my future & an even greater amount of caffeine. Heh, everyone thought I was an addict before.

The "D"word is almost final. Almost. Maybe. In some far off world. Place or time. ::sigh:: I was promised that a certain signature would happen this week (ahem, its Thursday). And that everything would be final so that, you know, child support would kick in March 1st, J's health insurance would have an official 'must be done' date, my car could be transfered to my name.... You know, small stuff like that. Odds and ends, really.

::slow burn, people. slow burn::

(and no, I'm not bad-mouthing my soon-to-be-ex-husband. I'm merely expressing my feelings.)

Anyway. Lot's of "stuff" going on. And that's about the only word for it. Anyone ever had a season like that? Just a lot of "stuff." And it all requires your attention, though some of it you would gladly chuck out the window. Some good. Some bad. Some, you just stare at going, "What... the hell?"

And then there's the added fun of the single mom "stuff." Some good and some bad. That puts a whole new spin on everything you do, say and think.... I think. I've got hours of material on that one. But, suffice it to say, no matter how much help you get (and I've had a solid support system with deep roots)... in the end, it's all on you. You're the mom.

And that's a heavy burden.

Yes, it does change (a lot) when you divorce. The other parent isn't there, in the home. So guess what? If you're anything (at all) like me- you start qestioning every. single. freaking. decision. and then totally up the years of therapy that you become convinced your child is going to require at some point.


Slightly off track, I did get. Anyway. Moving on.
Like I was saying. Sorting through the "stuff."
What fun.

Leaning on prayer.
Learning from Sarai (or, Sarah... if you would prefer). My dear, friend. Yes, she is.
Living in the moment.
Learning to listen.
Learning to speak.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Death by Turn Over

... and extreme football stress.

Yes, my Steelers lost.
.......... spoiler if you didn't watch the game. And yes, I paced the ENTIRE width and length around my house. A few times. Muttering, many times, "I can't watch this. This stresses me out."

Only to park my tush on the sofa upon completing a circuit around the living room. I couldn't help it. I'm totally glutton for punishment. As are, apparently, my people from Pittsburgh. Oh, the humanity of it all. The crying. The weeping. The gnashing of teeth.

Then the circuit around the house would start again. It's a great way to get your cardio in, I've found. Pace your way through a football game.

There was one brief, shining moment.... and then Steeler Nation was plummeted back to the pit of hell. Ugh. (and again with the pacing.....)

Turn overs... how I loathe thee.

Jacob even gave up on the game. 5 minutes before the end. He walked to his bedroom door, opened it & demanded to be put to bed... I can't say that it was a bad decision in the long run.

Ah, well. Until next year Steeler Country, until next year..... that is, if there is a next year.
Hopefully the players and the coaches will decide to be nice and play together nicely.
Anyone besides me have the overwhelming urge to give these massively well-paid PLAYERS & OWNERS a time-out.... and maybe a doseof reality?

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Yeah, it's cold.

It's cold.

no. I mean, it's frakking cold.

Holy buckets, it's cold outside. Winter is having one last party in north Texas and it's inhabitants are freezing their collective keesters off. I'm hold up with my warm blankets, fuzzy warm socks, my cat, my heating pad... and a lot of laundry that the dratted laundry fairy keeps bypassing.

I'm going to have to do something about that before the mountain of laundry buries me alive.
Death by dirty (but cute) socks.
Not a good way to go.

Stay warm!