Friday, October 13, 2006

Hello Bloggies

Hola folks!

I'm back after a small break. By the by, sorry for that rather long last post... Like I said before, I had had just about enough of that mess and had to sound off for my own sanity. :-)

Anyway- on to more happier things.

I have been to the Great State Fair of Texas!!!!! Whoohooo! I love the Fair. I start looking forward to it in April.... We went with our Sunday School class and had a wonderful time. And Darcy and I are going again this coming Sunday with our parents. Double Whooohooo!!!!

Fall has officially come at last to the great state of Texas. Well... kinda. The skin on my face is getting dry and my nose is running.... a sure sign that Old Man Winter is just around the corner. I never thought I would hear myself saying this, but I am looking forward to winter. (And that's not just because it's getting closer to March!) We had such a hot summer this past year and I, for one, am ready for a break from that for a while... And rain... I would like lots of rain. I'm a rainy day kinda girl, so this no rain thing has been bumming me.

As far as wedding info goes, I signed my life away on the reception site contract this afternoon. So, that is all taken care of now. Yea! The invitations have been picked out and I'm so crazy about them. They are just what I was looking for. Simple, but elegant and romantic. So Perfect. The parents of my WeeOnes have the info for the dresses I want them to wear. (Yes, the WeeOnes are in the wedding too.... I thought I'd see how many kids I could cram into this ceremony.) Now, I have to get my MOH and Attendents to David's Bridal to get their dresses. Fun little side note- they need to be ordered no later than like the first of November.... and it's the middle of October now.... I think I'm in trouble...

It's been super busy around the garden lately. I've barely had time to breath, it seems like. And there's a ton more of stuff coming up here soon.... Horror Movie Marathon... Sunday School class retreat...Costume Contest (drat, I still need a couple more things for that. Doh!).... birthdays... planning a trip to the happiest city on earth with my mummy.... Thanksgiving.... going camping the following day.... getting Darcy's parent's settled into their new estate in Sherman.... Christmas (which means I should start shopping now, Double Doh!).... my birthday.... leaving for South Texas the following day after Christmas.....

But, far from dreading the coming activities, I am looking forward to them with great anticipation! This really is my favorite time of the year. And, at the very end of it, I get married in March! Is that a cool away to top it all off or what?

Till Later!
See you around the garden!

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The Bergers said...

Sorry I missed you and Wendy the other day. Glad to hear that wedding stuff is coming, sure is alot to think about, isn't there?!

Have a great day!