Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So, it's no big surprise that I love to watch history shows on tv. I'm a big history buff.

I also love watching crime shows... real ones. Here's something that I have noticed lately when I've watched shows about real-life criminals. Experts almost always try to go back into that person's life and try to find a "reason" for that particular person going nuts and committing truly evil acts. (Though, oddly enough, it never seems to occur to them that this dude or chick may just be evil... hmmm) Anyway, the favorite reason is because when the person was a child, their parent (most often a mother) was a "religious zealot"......

And what, you may be tempted to ask, is a "religious zealot" according to these experts? They read the Bible to their children every day.

Not kidding. That's where the explanation ends.

Just a little observation.

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