Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yeah, so it's a quarter to 3 in the morning & I'm still awake. Fun times. I love insomnia that comes with pregnancy.

::big sigh::

I'm exhausted, but I can't sleep. Haven't been able to sleep through the night since November, but the last month or two have been murder. It's been normal for me to see 3 and 4 in the morning on a routine basis. Oy.

Well, since it's officially July 17th, I've got 8 more days till c-section day. Yea! I cannot even begin to explain the joy I feel. But, I'm knocking away at my to-do list. My mom and I have just about finished with Jacob's room. It looks wonderful. I love it. I still have to pack my bag & work some more on school work. That's the big one right now.

Friday and Sat. I have baby showers. (Which amuses me to no end, as I said originally that I probably wasn't going to have even one shower.)

Anyway- until later!


MOM said...

My greatest hope is that after you and the baby come home, I can help you enough so you can rest, sleep,and get to feeling normal again before diving in to the full time job of being Jacob's Mommy.
Things will get better sweetie!

The Bergers said...

I will start praying for a great recovery from a c-section right now. just remember to take a nap when Jacob takes a nap. You will need it and it will help you recover more quickly! Can't wait to meet him!