Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cutting Class

So, I'm allegedly working on school work at the moment. I say allegedly because it's most likely fairly obvious that since I'm updating the blog, I'm not working on school work. And yes, I'm back in another school term... the endless school terms.

::le sigh::

And yes, I'm kicking myself for not having finished this particular brand of personal carnage years ago, have no doubt.

::double le sigh::

For the record, I would like to lodge a personal complaint against the back and forth temperature changes that are currently gracing north Texas. Argh. My allergies would also like to lodge a complaint- as would the allergies of my son.
-the makers of Benadryl and Vicks Vapor Rub & Baby Rub would probably like to thank the waffling weather for the mint they are making off of me.

Here's a funny for you; I'm already thinking about J's 1st b-day. Eesh, yes, I have become a mom. I am trying to keep a reign on it though. At the moment, I'm thinking a barbecue with cake and friends & family... and a theme. Something that will cause much embarrassment late in life.... hmm... I'm thinking either Battlestar Galactica or Star Wars. (Have I mentioned that there's a very strong possibility that J will be Yoda for Halloween this year????) Let's face it, this is for the parents and other adults, not for the kids at this age. I say, why deny it? Embrace it and wring every possible insanely fun moment out of it! :-) Oh... and take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Great for blackmail.

I'm thinking of joining Netflix. The last movie I saw in a theater was Enchanted, last January. Yikes! There are a ton of movies out that I want to see, but I will be darned if I want to spend half my life's savings on a night's entertainment (which isn't always that entertaining). It's a complete rip- and don't even get me started on movie food. Holy cow! I would much rather just stay home & eat my own (much tastier & much cheaper) food, sit on my comfy couch (far superior to movie theater chairs) & be able to pause the movie any time I have to get up to go to the bathroom because I drank too much Dr. Pepper.

Needless to say, it now takes a heck of a movie to propel me out the door. Thus the beauty of Netflix to one so lazy & cheap as me.

***I would like to issue a blanket apology to any and all who have attempted a restful slumber on the mattress that's currently masquerading as a guest bed in Jacob's nursery/guest bedroom. Oh my golly heavens. I slept in Jacob's room with him the night before last because he was having trouble breathing with his stuffily nose. Poor boy woke up several times shrieking. That mattress is hideous. My back hurt all night & all yesterday. Evil, evil mattress***

And for all those waiting for a picture, here you go.
A little boy at play.

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