Friday, December 02, 2011

Dragon Child

So, I have a confession. For most of my sweet little life I have had a wee (read:massive) battle that I have waged with myself. At different points of my life I've been better (and worse) at battling this particular dragon.

My Temper. Oh, dear Lordy, my temper. I hate it. I really do.
It has really, never served me well. Truth me told, I have been the servant of my temper. Because once my temper is unleashed- I am a slave to it. It just rolls off of me. Like some kind of crazy hot steam off a mountain.

It's a flashpoint. An ugly. Nasty flashpoint. And it shames me.

Why am I writing about this today? Because I failed epically last night in controlling my temper. Oh yes, the dragon child came out the play. Much to my shame. Words have power. The words that were spoken to me- the built up the my frustration. And the words that I hurled in my anger... that I should not have said.

I know better than to let my mouth control my actions. And it hurts my heart that I failed another person so dreadfully.


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