Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Too Much

As in too much stuff.

I have it. And it's driving me crazy. Slowing crawling towards me, trying to squeeze the life out of me. Meep! You wouldn't think that, between me & the short person, that we would accumulate as much 'stuff' as we have... but darn it if we haven't managed it.

And I've stands it till I can't stands it no more.
..... (yes, I know that was a terrible sentence. on purpose.)

Operation Get Rid of All This Crap has begun, people. Oh, it's begun. And there's no mercy. No quarter being shown. If it's not pretty, useful, joy inducing...... or hasn't (you know) been used in (oh, I don't know) 3-5 years (!!!), it's outa here!!!!!

And let me tell ya, something has gotta be down about the clothes closets.... that's all I'm sayin'. Way too many clothes. Way. Too. Many. Clothes. Seriously, what 3 year old boy needs that many clothes?!?!?!?!?!?!


No, really. He's better dressed than I am.

And the toys. Sigh. The toys. I already went through those. He's getting a savings account for college for his 4th birthday... that's it. Maybe a library card. No more toys. They are taking over. One Thomas the Tank engine at a time.

Though, I'm not much better. The books, the shoes, the boxes of stuff that's stored in two places. Ack!

Yup. It's time to start getting rid of stuff.
Somebody call Goodwill.
.... and get me a box.

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