Sunday, August 18, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Small

So, I'm late on my 5 Minute Friday writing. Sigh. 

If you have no idea what 5 Minute Friday is- go here. Read. And then start writing. If not this prompt, then next week. 

Prompt: Small

The life of this stay at home wife/mom seems so small sometimes. Just like my sweet little 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment. 

So small. 

So filled to with much stuff, all crammed into this tiny space. Busting out at every seem and in dire need of a good cleaning out. So many times I wish for more- more space. More margins… more. 

And I’m amazed at how much seems to be bursting out of my small little life. And I think I could not possibly cram anything else into it. There’s no room. 

It’s small. 

But then, I fit more in. Somehow, in this small space- I find more room. 

More capacity. 

I find more in the small. And I think maybe, just maybe that’ s a bit how God works- He finds more in the small. I’m so so small. And He finds more in me. In the smallness. 

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Marvia said...


i enjoyed your post. Reminds me of my life right now - small and no room. But yes! God finds room, space, and capacity where human eyes cannot see. That's some kind of wonderful grace. BTW I wrote my FMF piece today too, so you are not alone. What matters is that you did it. YaY!