Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The First

Well, we did it. Our first day of official homeschooling.

Cue the choir of angels!

I'm not gonna lie- I was nervous. Very. Nervous. I had gone back and forth for weeks on curriculum, scheduling, and oh my goodness how do I teach this child to read! I finally settled on a program I cobbled together myself. I really, really wanted to make sure that this school year be laid-back and not cause Jacob and I to misplace our collective sanity. We're focusing on learning to read & write, math, art (drawing, crafts, music), some geography & history courtesy of Little Passports, Bible and some basic, basic science.

I decided that, because of the custody visitation stuff, we won't be doing every subject every single day. The only subject we are really working on every day, is learning to read.

The rudimentary daily schedule looks something like this:



These are no school days for us


field trip

Some subjects may get swapped around and we may incorporate a little from a subject that's not on the schedule, but I like having a plan. And, for me (for Jacob) I think just having 3 main subjects a day to concentrate on is the best plan of action. The boy is 5 and has the attention span of a flea.

And speaking of the boy, our first day gave me a very good glance into the main area of ... shall we say "issue" that he and I are going to be tackling. His attention span & how fast he gives up and says, "I can't do it!" I learned fast that "Can you please help me?" is actually code for, "Please tell me the answer and do this for me!"

Ah, well.

He wouldn't be a 5 year old if he wasn't trying to wiggle out of work and into something more fun!

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