Friday, August 01, 2014

6 Years, Flown By

Dear Jacob,

You are 6. Happy Birthday, my sweet love.

You've been shaking with excitement over this day for a good six months. I hope being 6 years old is as fantastically awesome as you think it should be.

At this very moment, you've been playing the Wii w/your E. And you've just finished lecturing your little brother on the difference between his toys and yours. And I'm far too amused to mention the fact that Luke is just a month old & has no idea what you're talking about. 

I am so proud of you. And so proud to be your mommy. You are so smart and so funny. Every single day you surprise me with what you've learned or what you're learning. You are so much smarter and capable than you think you are! You're slightly bad about hiding behind the "It's too hard!" or "It's too scary for me!".... and a common phrase around our house is, "You can do hard things."

Sweet Boy, yes.

You can do hard things.
You are about to head off into a new adventure... without your mommy.
Good Grief.
It's hard for me to believe that you are anywhere near old enough for Kindergarten. And... I'm very sure that I'll be saying the same thing when you graduate high school... go to college... get married.... 

I'm seeing, more and more, how fleeting my years with you are. Specifically, my years as your "mommy." I know that, soon, you'll stop calling me that... at least out loud. Soon, it will be "Mom" or "Mama." I hope it's "Mama"... I like that far better. But, more than that... I hope that, deep in your heart, you will still think of me as your "mommy."


You are my first born. You've been my buddy and my wingman through all our adventures & I can't imagine a moment without you. I have a hard time remembering life without you. I love you, Kiddo. Always remember that you are loved... loved far more fiercely and fully than you'll ever really grasp... at least until you have a child of your own. Know that you are God's idea and that He loves you more than anyone.
(and that's saying something.)

If I could drill anything into your sweet head and heart right now, it would be this...
You can do hard things.
Follow hard after Jesus.

I promise you it's the best advise I can give you.


(as I was writing this post, you came into my room and wanted a chip... and this was the show I was treated to. You're welcome for catching for all time.)

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