Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What started 7 years ago...

When I heard that the end had come, I was sitting in my car. My mother called me to let me know the news... After 7 seasons, something that had had an enormous influence on my life was coming to an end... NBC's The West Wing.

The news, while mildly unsettling at the time, was not a surprise. The once mighty show had been loosing viewers by the boatload in past two to three years and I, myself, hadn't seen a current episode in years. And with the recent death of the incredible John Spencer, it somehow seems fitting.

But... somehow, I feel strangely nostalgic.

I wasn't even twenty years old when The West Wing first made its way through my television screen, but from the first, I was hooked. There was something... Undeniably patriotic in the show. The characters who were portrayed seemed to truly be the best and the brightest... although they sometimes didn't act that way. The American people feel in love with them because they (the public) saw something that had been sorely missed from television and, as some would argue, Washington for a long time...

A basic goodness. People standing shoulder to shoulder- standing up to be counted. The West Wing made it seem possible for good people, from all walks of life and with varying opinions, to come together for the common good of the United States of America.

What a concept, huh?

Though I haven't always agreed with the politics of The West Wing... I think that many of our nation's various governing bodies would do well to sit down and watch the first couple of seasons. The spirit of pride and patriotism rings true and loud. There is no faking it.

I wish there were more people like that... People who are willing to tell the truth. People who are willing to make the hard decisions... not just the popular ones.

So, it is with heavy heart that I bid farewell to one of the worthwhile shows on television and to one of the stars of the show, the late John Spencer. His Leo McGarry was my favorite... and in the words of Dorothy, "I think I'll miss you most of all."

To those behind the curtain: Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the laughter and the tears. Thanks for making me think... for teaching me. Thanks for inspiring me to get involved. Thanks for reminding me that one person can make a difference. You made a difference.

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