Monday, February 06, 2006

A Matter of Blessings...

My niece, Kennedy Elizabeth, was born Friday afternoon and I was once again reminded of the pure blessing that children are. When my other niece and nephews were born, I saw them as blessings, to be sure but there was something about Miss Kennedy that drove the point home. Saturday, I was informed that she had a fairly serious case of jaundice. Now, jaundice is a rather common malady for newborns, but when that newborn belongs to you in any way, shape or form... it becomes completely UNcommon. I'm happy to report that Kennedy is home with her mother tonight and is on the rode to recovery.

Perhaps the current lesson in my Sunday School class (I refuse to say ABF) has caused me to take closer look at the present circumstance...

How many of us take our blessings for granted?

Everyone raise your hand. We're all guilty of it. But... I think we are given another chance, with every new dawn, to see clearly what we have in our lives.

But why do we fail to see these gifts from God?

Sometimes, I think its fear. It's so much easier to stick our heads in the sand than to truly recognize what's right in front of our faces, because (perish the thought) we just might have to act! And, there's nothing more frightening than stepping out into the unknown. I'm amazed, time and again, at the penchant the human race seems to have for obstinately refusing to see what's right in front of their face. Truly amazing.

But... perhaps, for some, the risk is just to great... Perhaps they feel that couldn't take the pain if all they hoped for didn't come to fruition. Life happens and that's unacceptable for them.

Then there are others that refuse to look up because it might disrupt their carefully laid plans... Those souls can't stand the thought of not being in control, so they steadfastly refuse to acknowledge anything that might jeopardize that control.

Others are so embittered by their past that they can no longer see the joy around them. They cling to their anger, their pain, and their rage... and every blessing in their life just passes them by.

Blessings are joy. Sometimes they are little more than the sunrise in the morning and then sunset in the evening... being around to see another- that's a blessing. A gift from God, Himself, wrapped up in shiny paper with a big bow. Other times, blessings are so big that they knock our socks off... relationships... children... husbands and wives... friends...

But, blessings also come with a price tag... We must see and, when appropriate, use those blessings for the kingdom of God... And that's something that most of us have a problem with. That's the risk. Being friends with others is a risk... but a blessing. Dating is a risk... but a blessing. Being married is a risk (first one must ask/be asked, then there's the work of keeping that marriage alive)... but a blessing. Children are a risk (anyone who's ever been around children can fill in this blank)... but what a blessing they are!

Life is a risk... but it's the biggest blessing of them all. It's our time to make the most of God... of Jesus. I can't think of a bigger risk or a bigger blessing.

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