Friday, May 18, 2007

My little corner of the world...

So, long time, so post.... lot's going on in my little corner of the world.

First- exciting news. I'm going back to school! Yea!!! I (should) start June 1st if all goes according to plan. Which, let's pray it does. I have to get my community college transcript (frightening thing that it is) to my brand new university & finish filling out financial aide info & talk to my dad about tuition. ::sigh:: lot's to do within the next week or so. Yikes! But I am so excited!

Next up- I'm stepping in as a Bride's Maid (though kinda not a main anymore.... mere technicality) for my dear Beth & the Cap'n. Unfortunatly her original Matron of Honor had to bow out because her little boy had a rather serious injury. Now, Beth's friend Connie is stepping in as Matron and I'm stepping in as Bride's Maid. The wedding is June 2nd, by the way. I'm thrilled, not only to stand up with Beth (whom I love dearly) but also for my Cap'n too. So that makes 3 Browncoats in this wedding shindig... :-)

My job situation is nuts right now. ::BIG SIGH:: I don't know if I'm going to still have a job when the girls get out of school. There's just so much going on. The oldest is battling an eating disorder... I think she needs to be hospitalized & one of her parents needs to quit working and stay home with these girls... I know that puts me out of a job with them, but, you know, these girls emotional well-being is more important to me. I was talking with the girls' mom and I still don't think she gets it. She doesn't see how and why the eldest has an eating disorder. It's horiibly apparent to me & to others who know of the details... but it's just not yet to this family. I worry about the girls... especially the youngest of the 3... she's only 11 and she's watching her oldest sister with an eating disorder & the middle one... well, let's put it this way... the mom said to me that they were putting her (the middle one) on a diet and exercise program b/c she didn't want 'a fat, smart daughter.' I couldn't even form a response to that.

Oy, kinda went on there. I'm just very frustrated.

Anyway- I think my dad may have me come work for him at his company. I'm actually kinda excited about that. I really love my dad, but I don't really get to see and interact with him a whole lot. So, I hope this would be good for us... I just need to make a certain amount of money! The coffers get bare.... and I don't make squat at my current job... and I'd really love to pay off my credit cards & get a new (to me) car. And I'm kinda tired of raising other people's children right now.

Oh, sad news.... as many of you know, Gilmore girls is no more.... There was much sadness around my world when that news came down. But, we had a send off for our favorite girls that, I think, was worthy of the Gilmore girls title. We ate junk food and watched the pilot & then the series finale with several Stars Hollow wannabees!:-) It was fun.

Okay, gotta run!
Till later!

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