Thursday, November 29, 2007


Are we doing this right?

By this, I mean life... and all the stuff that gets thrown into the blender. Are we really living? Or are we just following the pattern, like a world full of over-grown lemmings?

I don't know... but I can't help but think that we've missed the boat, somewhere along the way. When is the last time any of us just stopped to ask, "Why?" Why do both of us have to work? Why do my kids need the newest and best? Why is that vacation in the new 'it' place to vacation so darn important? Will I really "just die" if I don't get the latest whatever?

What are we teaching the people around us? Perhaps, that all we care about is ourselves?

I heard it once said that you can identify some one's priorities by how they spend their money. And, I think there's something to that. I've checked myself on more than one occasion by what was written in the subject line of by check book register. We spend our money on that which we love the most. And, I think, more often than not... it's ourselves.

And in the mean time, what are we sacrificing? Who are we sacrificing?

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