Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Lack There Of....

It will come as no surprise to any faithful reader of this blog that I am nearly beside myself with excitement over the continuation of Battlestar Galactica tomorrow night. One would simply need to take a gander at the sidebar for evidence to back up that claim. Because, oh my gravy, I'm excited for tomorrow night! I adore this show. It is the best, absolute best, sci-fi show ever to grace the small screen & I would go even farther to say that it is one of the Top 10 Dramas ever on tv. It's that fracking good.

However, as I revel in the greatness that is BSG I am confronted with the inexplicable truth that most of the rest of what passes on "prime time" television is, well, sub-prime. There is so little on tv that is even remotely compelling... I rarely watch the prime time channels any longer unless it's the news or a sports game.

And don't even get me started on "reality game shows." Ugh. I count it as pride that I don't watch American Idol or Survivor or Big Brother or The Bachelor or Mama's Boy or Your Mama or whatever new I Have No Real Talent But I Have an Unhealthy Need to Be Recognized & Noticed So I Will Make an Absolute Idiot out of Myself show that comes around the bend next.

Then there are the mindless teeny-bopper shows that are truly mind-numbing. Actually, they cause the unsuspecting, intelligent viewer who happens to stumble upon them to reach blindly for a spork with which to perform a lobotomy on their self. Anything to end the pain. Eeegads!

And MTV is now and forever dead to me.... as in, going fishing with Fredo, dead to me. Seriously, why don't they just go ahead and change the name?? Cause 'MTV' it ain't. Just change it to "moronic" and get it over with.

And here's something to ponder, why is there wrestling on the sci-fi channel? What in the name of George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, Han Solo and Captain Picard does wrestling have to do with science fiction?!?!?!?!

::le sigh::

We turn to television as an escape from the every day grind, but there's so little that's truly worthy of our time. That's sad. But, what's even sadder is that we settle for this nonsense & call it entertainment.

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Mom said...

"What in the name of George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, Han Solo and Captain Picard does wrestling have to do with science fiction?!?!?!?!"
UHHHHH...... they all have characters that look like they come from outer space??? Just wondering? :)