Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The GREAT State Fair of Texas 2009

Because I know everyone is just dying to hear all about our 2009 pilgrimage to the Fair, I thought I'd give a you somewhat brief and, most likely, weak witted commentary.

Picture it (Thank you, Sofia) Sicily 1940-... I mean, Dallas, Texas. Sunday, October 18, 2009. Lovely, sunny day in the neighborhood. (A beautiful day in the neighborhood...) We set out to make our yearly trip to the Fair, fulfilling a tradition that should be passed down from year to year, generation to generation.... along with Fletcher's Corny Dogs and Dr. Pepper.

We begin our day

There's Big Tex!
In front of the fountains

The Nightly Parade- Jacob was doing ok until that dratted clown uttered these words, "Let me hear you SCREAM!" The crowd screamed..... and then Jacob wailed. He was then liberated from his stroller and spent the rest of the parade watching from the safety of his mommy's arms.

And, most important of all.... let me introduce you to your new best friend. Fried S'mores. Ahhh. They were amazing. My mother and I were intrigued & split one... we looked at each other and quickly decided to get another one! They are wonderful and tasty and in every way I say to them, "You complete me."
Let's just stare at them and bask in the memory of their epicness.
Here's another picture because one just isn't enough....
Isn't it pretty?

And here's a sampling of a little story I like to call, "Trying to Get a Picture in Front of Big Tex with Your One Year Old.... While the One Year Old Stares at the Giant Talking Cowboy & Looks Everywhere BUT at the Camera."

Hey, Jacob! Over here! Pay no attention to the big man behind the fence!
Here's the best one.... Big Tex finally stopped talking.... big mouthed cowboy wouldn't shut up for 2 minutes.
Goodbye Dear State Fair- with your Fletcher's Corny Dogs, your throngs of people, your stinky farm animals, crafty craft barns, oddly named fried butter, constant stream of music, cotton candy, salt water taffy, guilt-free non diet dr. peppers, wild and wacky butter statues, ethnic celebrations at every turn, wild midway and carnival rides.... and last, but not least, the epic wondrousness that is fried s'mores. I shall miss you and wait eagerly for your return in 2010.

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