Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Let's Go to the Movies, You & Me

I love movies.

I really, really love movies. And I am an equal opportunity movie watcher. It really doesn't matter the genre. I'll give it a whirl. I am the product of two very different movie watching people.

On one side, is my mother. She has very sophisticated movie watching tastes. From her, I have received a) my love of movie watching and b) my ability to tell the difference between a movie and a film. And yes, my friends there is a difference.

A film is something with substance. It's an entity that transforms your 2 hours into something magical. It tells you a story that teaches you or completely transcends everything you thought you knew. A movie... not so much. Movies are great. They are entertaining. But transforming and transcending, they are not.

My mother is more of a film watcher than a movie watcher. My dad, on the other hand, watches movies.... and rarely do the 2 meet. Except in me. It is from this mix of Evian and pond water that I have sprung. (Great visual, huh?) And all this to say that I thought I would list my top 25 favorite Films/Movies.

These are the movies (or films) that I can watch again and again.... and might know all the lines to. What are your favs?

1) The Godfather (It really is the sum of all wisdom.)
2) Lonesome Dove (Gus dies, I cry like a baby.)
3) The Wizard of Oz (all time favorite feel good movie.)
4) Woman of the Year (first Tracy/Hepburn movie I ever watched)
5) Singing in the Rain
6) The Princess Bride
7) Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
8) To Kill a Mockingbird
9) Gone with the Wind
10) Rebecca
11) Die Hard
12) Battlestar Galactica the miniseries
13) The Unsinkable Molly Brown
14) Robin Hood (the Disney version)
15) Giant
16) All that Jazz
17) Star Trek First Contact
18) Star Trek the Undiscovered Country
19) Passion Fish
20) Steel Magnolias (I *might* be able to quote every line from this)
21) The Shawshank Redemption
22) Little Women (the Winona Ryder. version)
23) Chocolat
24) Annie
25) Robin Hood Men in Tights

***Please note that this is not my all-time list of the greatest films/movies ever made. Just ones I can watch over and over again, for various reasons.***

******Bonus points for anyone who can name the movie from where the Blog Title came from. I'll give you a hint. It did make my list!******

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scary....you've got me all figured out!