Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jacob and Mt. Pillow

Every morning, Jacob and I have a tiny tradition. After he eats breakfast & I've made my liquid go-go juice (happy, happy coffee with 3 stevias & nonfat milk, please) we truck back to my bedroom and start, "Playing Toys."

At some point, I will decide that it's time for me to make my bed & I'll start gathering the 27 (almost kidding) pillows to the edge of the bed. I look over to make sure that 2 sweet blue eyes are watching me and then I throw 2 of the big pillows in the floor.

With a big laugh, Jacob throws himself upon those pillows with all his little might. Then, to his great delight, his mommy starts tossing the rest of the pillows on top of him until all the pillows are off the bed. I get down on the floor with him & we play in Mt. Pillow for as long as Jacob wants.

The bed still has to bed made when we get up, but it's made the whole business of bedmaking a LOT more fun.

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