Monday, November 08, 2010

Oh, For the Love of Tom Landry

Dear Dallas Cowboys,

Stop. Just please stop. Take off the pads. Take off the jerseys. Remove yourselves from the field. Holy cow, yall have gone way past the point of imploding & to the point of just plain ridiculous. Yall are making fools of yourselves and humiliating the city you represent.

You look like idiots.

Learn some discipline on and off the field. Learn to respect yourselves. Learn to respect your fellow players, your coaches and your fans. Learn to LOVE the game again. Learn HOW to play football again. And then maybe.... just maybe, you'll earn the right to wear the silver and blue again. Perhaps you'll be worthy of the Landry Legacy.

But right now 'Boys, yall ain't nothing but a mockery.
And you certainly don't deserve to wear those uniforms.
Or stand on the memory of Team Tom Landry built.

Just sayin......

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Simply P. said...

Hi Taylor! Congratulation for you child, he's very nice! kisses from Italy :)