Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To Those Who Make Lists

I Salute You....

*Vacuum the floors
*mop the floors
*put away my laundry- wish I didn't have to remind myself to do that
*eat lunch (not looking good today)
*put up Jacob's Christmas tree
*go through Jacob's toys and set aside the baby toys for garage sale
*go through Jacob's sock drawer; they're multiplying like bunnies in there
*balance checkbook
*watch cooking shows I taped on dvr
*watch Sanctuary I taped last Friday
*finish Humanities paper
*finish Humanities project
*study for History test
*call attorney

By the way, have any of you tried the Zevia Sodas? They have no calories, but they aren't made with artificial sweeteners. I'm liking them thus far, I must say.

If anyone thought my train of thought jumped the track, you're right. But that's the price you pay for reading my wee little bloggy. Till next time!

1 comment :

Jill said...

How is your list coming?? Mine is twice as long. :)