Monday, April 18, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

I was reading a blog post today on a blog site I rarely go to. My readings are extremely varied. I like reading the thoughts of people who agree with me... but I also like to read the thoughts of people who do not agree with me. Call me crazy, but there are days when I do want to hear from people who hold totally opposing viewpoints from me- I think it's healthy. and it keeps me from getting intellectually lazy.

Today was one of those days. The blog post that is sitting on my brain revolves around a lady who doesn't support the Boy Scouts of America because they are mean to gays and people who don't believe in God. (that's really not all that far off from the words she used.) They are bigoted, she says & she doesn't support them. That the Supreme Court was wrong to let them continue in their meanness. And, by the way, here's a link where you could make the BSA be nicer- or "affirming and inclusive." And other mothers chimmed in, affirming her.

(she does support the Girl Scouts, who are nice to gays and people who don't believe in God... if you were wondering.... and posted a link where you could go give the Girl Scouts a big "Way to Go!" if you were so inclined.)

Anyway- what struck me was this..... the Boy Scouts say upfront what they believe in. There is really no mystery. Why could they want to allow people who don't believe the same things they do into their organization? And for that matter, why would people who don't believe the same things that the Boy Scouts do WANT to be involved?

Because there is more to it, I think. Because some people can't respect that others don't agree with them. Because it's much easier to hang ugly labels on people and groups than it is to say, "You know what, I disagree. But, let's agree to disagree." AND WALK AWAY.

Respect runs both ways.


XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

I would have to agree with you. I often times wonder why do people argue and fight to get into certain organizations that they don't even agree with in general or share common beliefs with. I think it may have something to do with them not being able to join the group and then wanting to be in because they're excluded from the organization. Also I think some people just want to find something to fight about. If I have no interest in something I don't waste my time talking about it or fighting to let them let people like me in.... Just a thought.

Laura said...

I don't think the Boy Scouts are mean to anybody, at least not in our experience. But they don't accept diversity, and for that reason my sons have not joined.

It's really sad, because it's a great opportunity for boys to learn and experience good things. We live in a small town without a lot of other opportunities. Sad