Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Storybook Parade

So, this post *might* be a little late.

But, right before Halloween, Jacob's preschool had their annual Storybook Parade.
It was Jacob's first time to be a part of it.... and. if from the way he grinned like a silly boy, I'm thinking that he loved every moment.

Jacob as "Jake the Pirate"

with his teacher and his class

strutting his stuff in the parade

waving and looking for Mommy

There he is!

Me and my Pirate Boy.

I feel so blessed that Jacob is able to go to preschool at a place where he knows the staff and the staff knows us and loves on us in amazing ways. 
Jacob has gone to this school since he was 1 year old. (from MDO to playschool to preschool)..... and it's been a really wonderful place for him and for me.

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