Sunday, December 16, 2012

So, Guess Where We Just Got Back From.....

Yup. The Happiest Place on Earth. :-) My parents took me and the short one to Disney World last week. Yeah, happy late birthday Jacob/early birthday me/and Merry Christmas to us both!
It was a total blast. 
We crammed every bit of fun we could into every single moment. 
We hit 3 parks in one day (oh, yes we did.) and, on the day we left, we went to a park one last time.
Go Big, Before You Go Home!

I just *might* have a few opinions about our stay! Come back this week to hear them, if you're interested. We went to the freshly opened part of FantasyLand in the Magic Kingdom.
Ate at Chef Mickey.
Stayed at a "Value Resort"
Used the buses.
And the meal plan.

Yup, I have opinions, a plenty!

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Jennifer said...

Awesome! And I can't wait to hear the opinions :) Did you like the pins? I do believe a saw a lanyard or two in a few pictures.