Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Grand Value

So, we stayed at Disney's All Star Movies Value Resort.... 

The main part of the Resort- called 'Cinema Hall' (where the check-in is, the dining area, gift shop, etc) .... that was lovely. Very nice. Everything you would expect from a 'value' level resort that belongs to Disney. It was all gussied up for Christmas & lovely cast members walking about being so helpful.

The out side of the resort is quite nice too. I didn't get any pictures of the pool area, which is a shame. That was pretty darn spiffy. 
We stayed in the 'Toy Story Tower'.... specifically the 'Woody Building....'
(I am, however, still trying to figure out how 3 stories makes up a 'tower'.... hmmm.)
(please see the below pictures)

 A very large wooden cowboy.... and a very little boy.

 Jacob and 'Buzz the Lightyear'.... who was apparently getting a face lift

A great view up the dino's nose!

I really, really wish I could say that I would come back to this particular resort again. But, I just can't. The rooms.... oh, the rooms. The rooms were so sad and worn down. It was painfully obvious that this is one of the older resorts (which is totally fine that it's one the older resorts!) and that it's one of the cheaper ones... But. But. 
I just strongly feel that Disney shouldn't let it feel like one of the older and cheaper ones.
(Fix the leaking toilet. Replace the carpet.) 
Spif up the room a little, guys. No, this isn't the Grand Floridian.... but. It's not the Bates Motel either. 
That last crack was probably mean. 
But, you know what? When I check into a Disney Hotel.... I'm really not wanting to check into a hotel that reminds me of a seedy-looking hotel on the side of lonely, creepy, dark road somewhere. 

I expect clean and fresh and nice. 
I rather expect more Disney ambiance in the room than a picture of Buzz & Woody... and a lame wall paper boarder running around the top of the walls. Just sayin'. 

I will be spending the extra money next time up upgrade our accommodations. Lesson learned. 

Okay. Enough complaining. 
It was great to stay on property. I HIGHLY recommend staying on property! There are bus & monorail systems to get you anywhere you need to go & most of the systems run every 20 minutes or so. Awesome. We rented a car, but the only time we used it was to get to and from the airport. I say again.... stay on property! And use the Magic Express... it will take you to and from the airport. (again, another lesson learned. The money we spent on rental car could have been used to upgrade to nicer digs, I'm thinking.)

Disney does so. many. things. so. amazingly. well. .... that it is sort of a let down when they don't. But, I am really happy to say that the only real low was the room. The people were lovely, the food was wonderful and the parks were amazing. 

Come back tomorrow for my thoughts on the Dining Plan! 
and food!

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Christine said...

Thanks for the review! We can't wait until both of the girls are old enough to take them to Disney. :) Brian is especially excited since he's never been there (poor boy). :)