Friday, May 16, 2014

An Eventful Mother's Day

So, I spent Mother's Day in the hospital.

Yeah, awesome-sauce.

Let me back up my tale to Saturday night. As you faithful blog readers know, our little family moved at the end of March (praise and hallelujah to be out of the "repartment"). We're also counting down the minutes hours days until the Tiny Human makes his long-awaited debut. E works about 6 days a week... Jacob's home with me & my blogging and Thirty-One business.

It's a full rich life right now.

I'm still unpacking boxes like a mad-woman. It's been driving me crazy, actually. There's the dual problem of 1) I've just not been feeling well this last part of pregnancy. It's nothing like when I was preggo with Jacob, but it's still been slowing me down A LOT. and 2) I'm a complete and total control freak when it comes to unpacking and putting things away.

... in other words, not enough has gotten done. 

So, this past week, I put my nose to the grindstone and worked my butt off. I unpacked a ton of boxes and kept E hopping with requests for help on things I just couldn't do.

Then came Saturday (the night before Mother's Day). I put in a long days work and by the end of the day, my legs and my feet were killing me. And, they were swelling. A Bunch. As in, E looked down at my legs and said, "WOW, Babe. You're legs are huge!!!" (slight note here: Dear Husband, I love you. But that wasn't exactly the greatest thing to say to a 8 month preggo woman. Especially when it sounds like you're describing something from a horror movie. Just saying.)


He was right. And, my right leg was more swollen that my left. I sat down and put my legs up pretty much right away. The legs, they were hurting, but I was hoping that some rest and elevation would solve that pesky problem... it always has before.

Cue: Sunday Morning.


We made it to church and I sat down right away. I knew I wasn't feeling all that great, but I thought it was just the usual morning blahs. About halfway through our pastor's message, I started feeling strange. I couldn't breath. I felt like someone had dropped an elephant on my chest when I wasn't looking. I looked down at my legs- yup, swollen and swelling even more. Then, I looked down at my hands... back story: my wedding rings are usually very loose. They just are. Even when my hands get a little swollen, I can always move my rings around my finger. Not then. My hands were huge.

I excused myself to the ladies room and promptly called my mother,

"Hey, Mom. Can you google a couple of symptoms for me?"

It took about .0001 seconds to say, "No, I won't. Get to the ER, NOW." after I told her what was going on.

Well, then.

Off to the ER, we went.
By the time we got there, my legs and ankles were horribly painful. They were throbbing all on their own & they hurt like the dickens to the touch. I couldn't breath for anything. It was awful- I really kept thinking that I was going to pass out.

They admitted me Sunday night & I was there until Wednesday mid-morning. After running an absolute gauntlet of medical tests:
CT scan
another chest x-ray
2 or 3 rounds of blood draws for testing
breathing test
PT test
... and more, I'm sure I just don't remember.

They diagnosed me with a-symptomatic asthma for the breathing issues. I got to experience my first breathing treatment (spoiler: those are weird. it looks like you're taking a hit off a bong.... and afterwards, it kinda feels like you have.)

and, they decided that maybe, kinda, sorta, probably the Tiny Human is positioned in a way that he's cutting off the blood/oxygen thru the large blood vessel that runs the length of your body. And that's accounting for the crazy swelling and the pain in my legs and ankles.

So, an inhaler was prescribed for the asthma and light activity/modified bed rest was doled out for the legs...

So, basically, I'm screwed until the Tiny Human is born.
And you better believe I'm counting down the minutes!

Next time, I'll tell you about my Mother's Day make-up day, but until then enjoy a couple of pics from my hospital stay!

Someone came up to see me on Monday. Poor pumpkin was really disturbed with his mommy in the hospital.

Behold! Hospital Food!
It actually wasn't that bad!

Taking a hit.

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