Monday, January 26, 2015

He Can Do it Himself, He Thinks

A whole new world was opened up to the tiny one today!

He had his first actual, real life, for real, baby food moment at lunch today.

He's been showing quite a bit of interest in what the rest of the humans in the house are eating at different meal times. And, he's been known to try and steal sips out of whatever he sees other people drinking. (His father may have also slipped him a bite or 10 of avocado or guacamole here in the last month as well.) 

I had been going back and forth on when to start him on "real food" lately. He's been showing all the signs, but.... I didn't start his big brother on food until he was a WHOLE lot closer to 1 year old. But, if there's one thing that Luke has been showing me (over and over again) is that he's a very different kid than his big bro.

And, I'm hoping that adding some food to his tummy might help with his reflux issues. Ugh. I'm so over that. I haven't really written about that on the blog. Honestly, it's been a whuppin. He's been projectile with his vomit pretty much since he was born. We've tried everything. Sometimes, it's better... sometimes (mostly), he and I go through 12 changes of clothing a day. "Burp" cloths are like gold around this house.

Today, was the day. I sat him up in his highchair, slipped a wipe-able bib around his neck & introduced him to the wonders of squash.

He figured out the process pretty quickly. All at once, when I dipped the spoon into the squash and brought it up to his mouth, he started grabbing the spoon out of my hand and taking it the rest of the way.

He was into it.

And, when he was done, the spoon made an excellent teether! I'm going to go ahead and say that some squash with his lunch was right up his alley.

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