Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Round a Bouts

Well, it's been a week since I first went to the chiropractor.

And let me tell you, I feel about 90% better. How cool is that?! Doctor Keith said that I was like 90% better. He was very happy with where I am and so am I. I'm sleeping better- that's huge to me. The last couple of nights, I've been falling asleep at a normal time and have slept THE ENTIRE NIGHT! That hasn't happened in years. I usually wake up several times in the night and have to shift around because something hurts. That hasn't happened for a couple nights. I am (as with anything) cautiously optimistic.

In other news, the new Superman movie comes out tomorrow. Anyone else excited? YIPPPEE! PoD went to a sneak peak last night I believe. Still waiting on his opinion!

I did see XMen 3 a couple of weeks ago. I liked it. I was quite surprised how much I liked it. It's a good movie, not a great movie, but a good one. It was just too short to tell the 2 stories that it was trying to tell. It really needed another 30 minutes or so. There's one particular moment that would have benifited from the additional time- The XMEN have to make a terrible choice... it's something that must be done, but it goes against everything they have stood for. I wish there had been more build-up to that moment... My one complaint was that my all-time fav character (even before the actor was cast... that just made that character more whoohoo to me) seemingly takes a dirt nap. In that regard... the Elfin Princess is right. You must stay throught the end credits!

Also, saw Cars with my little WeeOnes. I highly recomend this Pixar movie. It's hilarious! Loved it! There's enough "big people humor" for adults, but that stuff flies right over the heads of your WeeOnes, to keep the adults laughing right along with the kids. Particularly great is the legendary Paul Newman. He's just the height of cool.

Not too long ago, I saw MI 3.... Now... those of you who know me well, know what a fan I am of the tv series. I HATED the first Mission Impossible movie with a firey passion in my heart. The reason... they turned the all-time good guy into the bad guy. A gross miscaraige of movie justice if I have ever seen one! AWFUL! AWFUL! AWFUL! Also, I'm not Tom Cruise's biggest fan, never have been and never will be. I didn't (and won't see) MI2. But, I broke down and went to see MI3 with the Browncoats. And... I kinda liked it. It wasn't the Tom Cruise show, which I liked. All the players got excellent pops & it was more of a team show... which is what it should be. As with anything with the Mission Impossible moniker on it, one must be willing to suspend their disbelief to watch... and the movie had me.... UNTIL.... Oy vey.... until the very end. Let's just say it had to do with Tommy Boy and reanimation.... it was one of the most startling moments of unintentional funny that I have ever seen. Half of the audience joined me in laughing out loud.

Movies that are on my To Be Seen list:
The DaVinci Code (waiting on Darcy to finish the book)
Over the Hedge
A Praire Home Companion
Superman Returns
The Devil Wears Prada

Until next time!

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