Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Several people have asked me what kind of cravings I've had during my pregnancy... I have to say that I really haven't had any real cravings.... other than to eat without fear of puking.... It might be fair to say that I've had more aversions than anything else.

So... with that in mind....

What My Son Will Not Let Me Consume

1. Dr. Pepper... or Coke or any soda.... this has been murder.... My son and I will have a long talk about this in the future!

2. Seafood.... especially shrimp... no shrimp for me.

3. Anything too surgary. ie: Central Market cake

4. Pork products- ie: pork loin.

5. Smoothies

6. Any of the fun coffee drinks at Starbucks

7. Orange juice.... or any other juice.

8. Beef... it's not what's for dinner for me.

9. Eggs... found this one out here recently.

10. 2% milk... it's a good thing I prefer skim.

11. Anything that's larger than a child's size portion...

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