Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tonight I went over to Wheeling Island with my parents, Aunt Maryanne, Uncle Tom and Grandma.... I wasn't going to go originally, because they were going to go gamble at the big casino. Playing the machines is not really my favorite thing to do, but I thought I might have to some fun hanging out with my aunt, mom and grandmother.

And have some fun, I did.

I won $50 on the 5cent machines! This is was very exciting for me. The most I've ever won is $10!

The amusing part of this story is that I hardly ever gamble. My favorite place to vacation is Las Vegas, but I rarely gamble more than $10 or $20 while there.

Anyway, I cashed out immediately after winning my $50... I know better than to not quit while I'm ahead. I told my mom, "I came, I saw, I gambled, I conquered.... and then I left."

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