Tuesday, September 09, 2008

PIcture Time


Andrea "The H family" said...

uggh! I just posted this long comment and then it kicked me off! Ok..had to catch up on your blog Taylor. Your precious new gift is gorgeous and what a pumpkin pie!
Thanks for your sweet comment my way. Isn't this love that pours out of your soul amazing? It's God. Truly..at His finest. I read your heart about your love for your baby. I know..I so get it.
He's blessed to have a loving mommy. Beware: the love only gets worse and worse. Like..your heart will hurt worse! LOL
Thanks for checking on me. It was great to read your thoughts post birth. I agree..it's astounding.
Huge hugs
Andrea (your very pregnant and bitchy blog stalker!)

Jill said...

Look at those big huge eyes!!! So sweet!!