Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friday Night Lights

So.... well, hmmm.... so much for my resolution to post every day in the month of November. ::le sigh:: There's always next month!

I am so stinkin' behind on just about everything! And..... my child has hidden one of his shoes. Which shoe, you might be asking? Well, it would be the right shoe of the $50 pair that the child (until now) wore almost every stinkin day! Oh the humanity of it all!!!! It's somewhere in my bedroom & I've torn the stinkin' room apart several times trying to figure out where the child might have stuffed the poor, unsuspecting shoe. Hopefully I find it before he grows out of it.

Anyway, Jacob went to his very first Texas high school football game this past Friday night. My younger cousin (who's a sophomore) just got bumped up to the varsity team & we went to cheer the "little" 5'11 kicker on. I admit, there were conflicting loyalties for me..... his team was playing against my old high school. I quietly cheered when my Berkner Rams scored.... very, very quietly. I was sitting next to my aunt, the grandmother of the before mentioned kicker & she had already threatened me with her cowbell and a well-placed elbow to ensure my outward loyalty to my cousin's team.

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