Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Had Every Intention

I really did have every intention of writing a book review and a recipe recommendation, but alas I have run out of time this morning. Yikes! The last week or two, plus the next 2 have been and are a whip. My grandmother has therapy for her tragically swollen (but getting better) legs 3 times a week and I am her Personal Taxi.

I'm purging through my crap, preparing my heart to part with my treasures in a garage sale at the end of the month (Lord, help me).

I did, however, manage to finish Theodore Rex. Review to come! At some point! I promise!
And there will be a tasty, tasty chicken recipe that will not your knee-high socks off. I found it on another blog. And, for the first time EVER, made it exactly like the recipe instructed. Jump Back!

But you'll have to wait for that!

Jacob has a new trike & sandbox (yes, there are pics). We went to the Arboretum. Lot's of fun!

Oh, and I'm going to be an Aunt again!

Peace out, InterPeeps!

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