Tuesday, June 08, 2010

And End Break

I'm officially back at school this month- it was a lovely 2 month break. But it's over now. Back to fighting my way to my degree of higher learning. Yea. Just in time for Jacob's seasonal allergies to come roaring back in for another visit. How precious. And can I just say that this 6-something in the morning routine that my son has blessed me with for the last couple of days had better leave with the allergies.

Cause, yeesh.

It's not pretty.

And neither is confining a 2 year old inside cause he's so off-the charts allergic to the crap that's floating around in the air. It makes for a sad, sad little boy.... and a tired mommy. Let me tell you. I hated seasonal allergies when they used to haunt my every step- I despise them all the more now. Poor sick, snotting, coughing little boy.

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