Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It's 2 Days Later

.... and I'm still recovering.

The New Andrews Sisters and their Fabulous Dolly, Dixie rode in the parade & performed at the Memorial Day Picnic in beautiful, historic downtown Granbury this past Monday. If you are wondering why that matters to you and my blog- I am one of those gals.

(p.s.- I'm not one of the ones who sings.)

And, after more than an hour or two in the 900 degree sun (and reapplying sunscreen thank you very much), in a halter top- I have a sun burn. Yea!

Anyway- it was fun. And I think there are another 1 or 2 gigs on the schedule this month. :-)

In the mean time- there's laundry to do. And my classes restarted. Excellent. And I better get a move on- Jacob will be home from his dad's in T-minus ...... uh..... well, math isn't really my strong point today (or any day).

Today's blogpost:
Rambling? Yes
Informative? Maybe
Funny? You be the judge


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