Monday, July 05, 2010

Let's See Here

Happy 4th of July all you Americans out there! ..... yes, I know that every single one of you is getting that message a day late. My bad.

It's been crazy busy around here. I swear at the beginning of every. single. month that the new month is not going to be as busy as the last & I totally lie to myself each and every time. It's such a drag. You'd think I'd have learned this about myself by now, but no. Le sigh. And this month is a particular whip, 2 birthdays to plan and my parents anniversary. Wowza. One of my best girlfriend's is turning 30 on 7/11 and we are going to sing her out of her 20's the night before at a karaoke joint. Fun huh? :-)

And then Jacob's 2nd birthday is at the end of the month. He's going to be 2. By golly heavens. Where did my baby go? ::sniffle:: ::sniffle:: Ok, I'm alright. His party is going to be a Thomas the Train themed party because my child has a crazy love for those trains, that dear sweet little boy.

So, factor in that mess, 4th of July, school (quaking in fear.....), oh and another birthday! Yowza, I have to buy a card for my younger cousin, L, her birthday on the 13th .... oh and another waaay little cousin at the back end of the month! The list just keeps going, Peeps! ..... and I know I'm forgetting something. I just know it. Drat.

I did that Friday. All day long. I KNEW that I was forgetting to do something. It was driving me ninny, I tell you! I finally remembered along about 5:35pm............. that I supposed to call Laura G. and let her know whether I was going to the Frisco RoughRiders Game with her and the Sisters or not. And did I mention that I was supposed to do this... oh, about NOON or so?! Sheesh.

The 4th of July Weekend was crazy busy, as I said before I went on that long ramble. My parents and I (and the little Dude) met up with my Aunt C and Uncle B at Red Robin, home of GREATEST ONION RINGS KNOWN TO MAN, not that I have a strong opinion on that subject at all, for dinner on Saturday night...... of course this was after the 2 hour dash through SAMS and Central Market and the sudden down pour that darn near required a lift from Noah and his paddle boat to get home.

After dinner we dropped my father at the house and my mother and I made our merry way to Addison, hoping to catch some of the KaboomTown fireworks...... and I must now share with you a story on my child. The boy did not like the pretty lights in the sky. Mind you, we were so far back you couldn't hear the noise at all- it was just the lights exploding in the sky that put a twist in the child's pampers.

We got out of the car (to get a better look) and the boy started to try and climb up my shoulders and behind my back- he reminded me of a freaked out cat. Mom and I finally gave up after a few minutes and Mom said, "Let's just go back to the car." People, I am telling you, no sooner had the words crossed the threshold of her lips than Jacob flipped around to face the fireworks, waved and said, "Bye-Bye, See you." and was VERY happy to be carried to the car. I laughed my tail off.

Sometimes he makes me laugh without even trying. And I love that.

Anywhoo. Enough rambling for now. See yall on the flip side.
Peace Out.

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