Monday, July 19, 2010

I Need More of This in My Life

I love the blog-world. I really do. Through this magical world I have had the great pleasure of meeting all kinds of people, all over the world.

And through this glorious connection to the wide world, I have come to know Big Mama, right here in my home state of Texas. And I now must thank her for showing me the way to Gypsyville. Well, I'm thanking her.... my wallet, not so much. You guessed it- shopping. On-line. And, it's wonderful. Go check it out. But, here's a few of my favorite things. Please note: I said 'a few.'

I really love this tank-top. Actually, I love everything in this picture.

May I just register how darn cool this sign is?

I love this necklace.... I need it. I do.

I adore charm bracelets. And I love the bead bracelet too.

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