Monday, July 12, 2010

Things I Have Loved This Summer (thus far)

1. The fact that it has rained (a lot) here in Texas. Let's hear it for non-droughty summers! (I must write a disclaimer: The massive humidity has been a soul sucking experience. I've been in dire need of a haircut for weeks now..... my hair is really, really long at the moment & the humidity has taken it's toll, I tell you. Evil humidity, how you wound me.)

2. I found and fell in love with Charming Charlie. (Dearest Charlie, I love you so. We must be in each others' lives forever and you can never go away. ) If you haven't been to Charming Charlie's- go..... and if you live far away from one..... well, road trip.

3. White Bermuda shorts from Old Navy. Now that I found you, I'll never let you go... and I may bring home some other members of your family so you won't be lonely in my closet.

4. The bright pink hobo'ish purse I got at Charming Charlie. Every time I leave my house, it makes me happy. Magical powers, I'm telling you.

5. Shakespeare in the Park with my dearest Peeps. Even having to break for rain couldn't diminish the fun. Love.

6. The A-Team movie. Just a fun, fun movie. It is so going on my "To Buy" list when it hits dvd.

7. Going out to dinner and sitting on the patios of those fine establishments.

8. Planning a certain little boy's 2nd birthday.

9. All the dinners we've grilled out at home. (that's summer, my friends. and this year, as a bonus- there's a new smoker in the back yard.)

10. The baby gate fence in the back yard- We have a pool & a toddler. Yeah. I love the new fence in the backyard. J's sandbox is on the back door side & he and I can sit out there (or he can sit in his little chair & watch his Poppi grill) and not worry about him making a break for the pool & me dying of a heart attack.

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