Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Thus Far Today

6 am: I woke up. On purpose. (yes, me.)

6:15am: I left for the gym. I was on the treadmill by 6:25 am. I live about 2 minutes away from my gym & at 0'dark thirty in the blessed morning, that's a darn good thing. I logged 45 minutes on the over-sized gerbil track and was back home eating my toast and Greek yogurt by 7:30am.

Monette and I settled in to watch the new Army Wives from this past Sunday night.... Who's Monette? That's my dvr? Have I never introduced you? How rude of me. (Yes, I named my dvr. We have a close, personal relationship. I'm a single mom with a 2 year old & I'm trying to ge through school.... I depend on Monette. It seemed only right to give her a name.)

I even got in last night's eppi of The Closer before Jacob woke up.

That's all the good news. The bad news is that I flaked out when just a little bit after Jacob went down for his nap.

But I'm awake now &, as penance, I started a load on laundry.

Oh, and in the between Jacob waking up this morning and going down for his nap was a really fun trip for me through hell.... otherwise known as the construction work going on HWY 75 in McKinney, Texas... and buildings that exist only on mapquest. Multiple detours. Frustration. Gnashing of teeth. Great confusion. Retracing steps. Finally giving up and going home, but stopping through the Chik-fil-A drive through first.

Because nothing soothes the soul like the Original Chik-fil-A sandwich & those 2 crucial pickles... especially when you got up a 6am to (re)start going to the gym.

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Jill said...

This world my freeze over if I step foot in a gym. If not that, then I would probably get a standing ovation and would be too embarassed to stay!