Monday, October 18, 2010

The GREAT State Fair

oh, it's a grand time to be a Texan, I tell you. The State Fair of Texas is one of those beloved traditions that runs through my veins... and it runs deep.

It's the start of fall, it is. The Fair heralds the beginning of your Intrepid BloggerGirl's very favorite season. It's the time when my beloved Horns kick up dust with those northern aggressors known as the Sooners (icky!).

One of the greatest parts of the Fair is the fried food- oh, my heart does flutter. This year all I tried from the fried bounty that was offered was the Fried Margarita.... wasn't that bad. Kinda like eating a funnel cake & drinking a 'rita on the rocks. But you had to eat it fast, or it got soggy- texture! icky!

Yes, I did get a fried s'more again this year, thankyouverymuch. Those tasty, fried nuggets of wonderfulness soothe my soul and kinda complete me (culinary speaking, of course). ::sigh:: Can it please be next year again? Please?

Oh! and if you are a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan (I say lifelong, hoping that the people I am speaking to remember life BEFORE the man who fired Coach Landry) and you missed the Coach Tom Landry exhibit- shame. shame on you. It was really, really wonderful. Walking through & seeing into the life of the man who was such a fixture & a role model for so long was awesome. Coach Landry was one of a kind- a kind we need more of in this world, I think.

(.... and on a totally shallow note, a kind that the current Dallas Cowboys could benefit greatly from. Just sayin'.)

Anyway- enjoy some picture from the 2010 State Fair of Texas.

Yeah, so this was supposed to be a tender, sweet moment where we caught the youngling taking his next step into the big wide world.... sharing a Fletcher's Corny Dog. However, it was kinda, sorta ruined by the large man in the yellow shirt who greets the guests to the Fair.

Yeah, him. Big Tex. Our annual "Smile & Stand in front of Big Tex so everyone knows we are at the Fair" pic. Not so much. Tex started talking again. Jacob tried to tree himself in my hair & we had to motor. Rapidly.

HE RODE SOME RIDES!!!!!! (ahem) Sorry. I love rides. My baby rode some rides. His mommy beamed with pride. The End.

Well, almost the end... there were a few more photo ops!

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