Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HIgh & Low of Dallas Sports

The Rangers are going to the World Series.


It's taken a couple of days to process this turn of events. This, crazy cool, turn of events. Those of us here in North Texas have been riding the sports induced high since Friday night- nothing has been able to bring us down or dampen our spirits (not even the high 80 degree weather in, you know, October).

And that's a good thing, cause Monday night marked the end of the Dallas Cowboys season.

Le sigh.

The quarterback has a broken clavicle. I knew it when he went down. Well, I didn't know his clavicle was broken, but I saw the hit & just knew- "Well, that sucks. He's out." Sadly, I was right. Our season has been a brain numbing experience thus far & the writings been on the wall... when you have undisciplined players & coaches who... well, I'm not really sure how to explain our coaches, it's just not a recipe for anything that even comes close to resembling greatness.

But, back to happy thoughts! The World Series starts Wednesday night... the same night as the Fall Festival at my church. Oops. So, it will be a rather quick jaunt through the Kid Fest & then back home for the baseball game. And those of you who remember last years costume debacle with Jacob, I must report that its really no better this year. He'll be wearing a Halloween shirt.

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