Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Love...

1. that I remembered the Macy's gift card from my grandparents that was tucked away in my wallet... I bought a new signature ring with it.... I love it too.

2. the Wonderful Wizard of Oz when I'm feeling down.

3. when my brain kicks in before my mouth engages... Don't ask.

4. Freshly painted toe nails.

5. lilies.

6. the new purse my friend Faith got me for my birthday. It's bright and lovely and whimsical.... and I'm thrilled it's officially spring and I can start to use it without breaking into Emily Post hives.

7. pink. But you knew that.

8. when I have new books to read. Makes me all warm and fuzzy.

9. A certain little dude with blond hair and blue eyes & a crazy love of Thomas the Train and Mickey Mouse.

10. Gus McCrae.

11. beef stew on cold, chilly days

12. drive-in movie theaters

13. watching movies that are so bad that they are worth watching... just for the sheer pleasure of mocking within an inch of the movie reel. (I'm looking at you, Red Riding Hood.)

14. the jalapeno soup at Fish City Grill.... greatest soup, ever.

15. flower pens- those make me so darn happy. every time I go to write something and pick up one of my flower pens, I smile a little.

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