Wednesday, March 02, 2011


If you know me, then you know that the only "pause" I'm a fan of is the pause button on the remote control when I have to run to the bathroom in the middle of a movie...

Let me back up for a moment- I love my church. I adore my pastor. I do. Really. But there are times when I could gladly hurl my Bible at him in the middle of the Sunday service. Seriously. There are certain sermon series that I hate with a fiery passion in my heart- mainly because I can hear the voice of God in my pastor's words.... and that bugs me. Especially when its not something I want to hear.

Our current sermon series is on "Pause"- when it seems like your life is on pause.
Heh, insert joke here.
Mine qualifies.
I have control over some of it- but there is quite a lot that... I don't. A question was posed at church this past Sunday, "What are you totally relying on God for? In other words, if God doesn't 'come through' it won't happen?" .... If I really knew you, dear readers, I could give you a list. I'm thinking of a couple in particular.

But I have seen (in particular... very recently... very clearly) how powerful prayer is. I have seen what happens when God moves in the lives of His children. It's electrifying. It's thrilling. It's wonderful. It's scary. It's joyful.

Have you ever felt as if you were walking through something... as if you were dealing with a lot of 'stuff' that clearly wasn't the point? As if you were being prepared for something? Lot's of puzzle pieces being picked up, gentle readers... I'm not really sure what the end picture is supposed to look like but- I have great hopes for it.

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How are you? said...

God works in misterious ways. The bible is GOD talking to all of us. The way you articultated this blog grabbed my attension from begining to end.