Saturday, March 05, 2011

Part 1 (cause I have nothing else)

Random Fluff

1. Because of the movie JAWS, I cannot swim in the ocean. No way, no how.

2. I (possibly) have an un-natural obsession with sci-fi.

3. My favorite on-stage role in a musical (thus far) has been Nancy in Oliver. It was a dream come true to perform that role & I would love to again.

4. My favorite on-stage role in a straight show (thus far) has been the Stage Manager in Our Town.

5. My favorite play is Our Town.

6. I read Shakespeare when I was 10 for fun.

7. As a child, I was obsessed with the television show, Perry Mason.

8. When I was 8 or 9, I asked for & received a law book for Christmas. Read the whole thing.

9. Law Vegas is the happiest place on Earth for Taylor.

10. My paternal grandfather was born in Sicily and came to America when he was 9.

11. I am claustrophobic.

12. I have a trophies for dancing when I took dancing lessons.

13. I have singing awards from junior high & high school competitions.

14. I have a pink lap top & it's named 'the pretty, pretty pink precious.'

15. I can watch The Wizard of Oz again & again & again...... & again.

16. One of my favorite literary characters is Gus from Lonesome Dove.

17. I read Gone with the Wind, cover to cover, when I was 8.

18. When I was a child, grounding me meant taking away my library privileges.

19. MacGyver is my hero.

20. Bluebell ice cream is my favorite because I used to eat it with my D-Daddy (grandfather) when I was a little girl.

21. I would rather eat my grandmother's sugar cookie dough than eat the cooked cookies.

22. I don't like bananas... but I like banana flavored food. It's a texture thing.

23. I won't eat compacted ground meat, ie: burgers, meat loaf, meatballs. Nasty! Again, texture thing. But I will eat ground meat that's broken up.

24. I worked for a U.S. Congressman for almost 2 years. Very cool.

25. My favorite actor is Robert Duvall.

26. I have met all the lead actors in Star Trek the Next Generation & have their autographs.

27. Walter Keonig hit on me once...

28. Leonard Nimoy said that I was a very pretty & polite young lady.

29. My favorite cupcakes are the strawberry and the red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles.

30. I must have coffee in order to form coherent thoughts and sentences.

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EDNOS said...

I like your blog and thought I'd leave a comment to let you know that I was here.